Woolies Online Shopping – 5 Easy Steps To Shop On Woolworths Online Store

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Woolworths is an Australian online market that has drastically expanded in recent years. Since its inception in 1924, Woolies has been Australia’s biggest supermarket with a market share of 33%. They mainly sell groceries, such as fresh produce. They also sell magazines, DVDs, fashion products, household products, pet and human supplies.

Woolies has collaborated with the eSafety Commissioner to help Australians stay safe online. Through the Australian Government’s Be Connected protects Woolies customers. It has developed step-by-step videos and interactive guides to help all Australians remain safe in the digital world.

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The items purchased on the platform will be delivered separately to a customer’s groceries. Heavy items customers can buy as many things as they want with a decent shipping fee of not more than $15.kindly read along as we provide detailed information about the Woolworth online shopping and explain how to place your orders.

Woolies Online Shopping

Features of the Woolies Online Platform

Woolworths is a famous Aussies shop with thousands more original products with different categories, including household, health and beauty, pet care, baby and toys. It allows shoppers to search for products while efficiently completing their regular grocery shopping. Below are some of the features of this fantastic online shopping.

Well-Arranged Groceries List

The Woolies online webpage is easy to navigate. The platform has Specifically created a list for first-time shoppers and old shoppers. In addition, Woolworths has listed your favourite products so you can complete your shopping quicker and with ease. These intelligent lists make it easy to compare and add your order to the cart.

Below is a list of the categories on the platform

  • Back to school essentials 
  • Picnic essentials
  • Gluten-free
  • Vegan
  • Organically
  • Getting started
  • Essentials shop
  • Quick shop

Location Tools

The platform uses location tools to provide an excellent service based on your location and make easy deliveries. Shoppers can select their Delivery or Pick up time in the side cart if it’s their first time shopping. Once you pick a suitable time, the platform reserves your time for about 2 hrs.


Shoppers can select products suited to their dietary requirements, shop for their favourite brands or based on popularity. In addition, the platform filters and tags help shoppers identify products and recipes suitable for their health or lifestyle needs. 

These filters act as a guide and ensure the accuracy of product information. Shoppers should note that the product specification can change anytime. Filters help to identify products that are relevant to your immediate needs quickly.

Rewards and Bonuses 

Woolies also provide fantastic bonuses. Shoppers enjoy $10 off a product if the order is at the right time. They also have the opportunity to win 2000 Everyday Rewards points. Of course, you can also keep your savings and use them when you like.

Woolies allow shoppers to convert Everyday Rewards points to Qantas Points. The e receipts are convenient and easy to use. In addition, they are secured and safe for claiming rewards.

Live chat and Durable Customer Support.

The platform has reliable and efficient customer service support. Shoppers with issues or enquiries on their orders can Contact the platform through the phone, social media pages or live chat options. 

Other Fantastic Features of the Woolies Include:

  • Easy to navigate webpage
  • Easy to download the official app
  • Personal shopper notes 
  • Easy payment op process Refund

How To Shop at Woolies 

  1. Open the website on a browser or the app if you have it download
  1. Pick your desired item or use a search bar to add products to your cart.
  1. Once you’ve finished shopping, tap the cart icon at the top right of the screen to proceed to checkout. 
  1. You can review your list and tap checkout.
  1. Make payments and input an allowed delivery location. 

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