Best Santa Tracker App – 5 Top Apps To Track Father Christmas

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People have tried to locate Santa in recent times, and this year is no different. Kids around the world are always concerned about Santa’s whereabouts during Christmas. 

Many adults, too, are fans of Santa, and they are interested in seeing the character. So over time, many people have tried to locate him through mails and visual inspection. But this year, we have the best apps to track him.

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We are aware that good tracker apps are hard to find. And that Santa is busy and always on the move. Therefore in this article, we will discuss the best apps to track and meet Santa, so kindly read along to find out more.

Best Santa Tracker App

Best Apps for Tracking Santa

1. Track Santa Claus with Google

One of the best tracker apps is The Santa Tracker, developed by Google. The app tracks the father’s Christmas movements and shares the distance between his present location and yours. In addition, the site engages children with activities and a fantastic interface to keep them happy and retain the December feel.

It also has educational games for game lovers. Additionally, people can make Elf Maker and play holiday traditions quiz. Moreover, the site is well designed, so it works well on both android and ios devices.

2. NORAD Tracks Santa

It is the oldest Santa tracking app in the world today. It is a product of the North American Aerospace Defense Command, an organisation that has consistently helped people track saint nick’s journey. The NORAD website is accessible for everyone, and the app is available for download on the play store and app store. 

NORAD disclosed Santa’s present location, destination, and where he has been. It also has fantastic holiday-themed games, movies, music to put you in the holiday mood.

3. Message from Santa!

An unquestionably excellent app for kids is the message from Santa app. Alongside keeping tabs on Santa’s development, you can hear the reindeer’s names with this app. Users can also check the North Pole’s climate and estimate the Santa movement.

Furthermore,  children can send Santa a voice message or message and get a callback. In the customized call or video message, Santa calls the children’s names, leisure activities, interests, and regardless of whether they were intelligent or decent this year. It also has a beautiful interface, and it’s free. 

4. Santa Tracker – Track Santa

The Santa tracker is another exceptional Santa following app with charming illustrations and a fantastic interface. Children can check Santa’s course on Christmas Eve and see what Saint Nick is up to consistently.

Regardless of whether he is looking for Christmas Gifts or monitoring the reindeer, they can follow everything up. Furthermore, the kid can see and precisely plot their home on the guide to guarantee Santa’s appearance. It is also free and easy to download.

5. Santa Tracker and Status Check

For science lovers seeking to track Santa, this is a suitable app for you. This app is also ideal for children who love to spy on others or act as detectives. 

It additionally shows Santa’s day by day system, the number of treats, milk, and sweets he burned through. It is also free and easy to install.

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