Facebook Dating Connections – How to find a Partner On Facebook

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You never thought the Facebook Dating connections was real and existed until you heard from a friend who just met his new lover on Facebook or you saw people talking about it online.

Spoiler Alert; I also met a cute lady through Facebook dating yesterday. lolz…. Kidding right but it’s real and works.

Facebook Dating Connections

So the big question here is

What is Facebook Dating

Facebook Dating basically helps people like me and you make romantic connections using it well known social media platform.

I know you are thinking of throwing away your former account to create a new one because it’s time to hug your dating life back, but no right on your current account you can create a dating profile and in a sec, I will show you how.

The Facebook dating works like an algorithm which detects those which Facebook Dating activated and recommend those accounts to each person’s .. you get the gist right?

If you have been on Tinder you would maybe understand how this works. Don’t get worried about getting spammed with messages because only those who shows interest at you and you revert that interest then you both can message each other, if not that then no way.

Another spoiler Alert; For you to get yourself into the Facebook dating stuff you must be 18 year old, if not then forget about it and move on.

How does Facebook Dating Really work

There is no separate or specific app for this platform because it’s integrated on Facebook app itself. All you just need to do set up your main account careful because there is no separate account for this platform, only your real profile would be reflected.

How to Access Facebook Dating Connections

All you need to do is to follow the steps before to get started. Mind you ones you get started Facebook will start recommending so many pictures of other people on the same dating platform to you.

So all you need to do is sit back and swipe through the pictures recommended to you by Facebook and if you like any of them you can heart ❤️ the picture and if you don’t like then you can Cross ❌.

  • Tap on the menu option on your Facebook book App

Scroll down to Dating

  • Then you can proceed to set up your account
  • You can answer questions that would be asked by Facebook to enable them make better recommendations to you.

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