Timiza Loan App – How To Apply For Loans on Timiza App

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The Timiza app is more than just a loan app. It is a digital bank account that helps you manage financial transactions. For example, users can apply for instant Mpesa loans and save for the future in their Mpesa bills.

Many Kenyans have complained about downloading and installing the Timiza loan app, but these processes are straightforward. This article will discuss the features and how to install the Loan App.

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About Timiza App

Timiza is a versatile loan app that empowers your self-administration channels to rapidly open a record and efficiently acquire and execute banking operations. 

One of the vast capacities that Timiza offers is loans. The company is devoted to helping people. The Timiza loan app is the formerly known Barclays bank, now called ABSA bank.

Since its creation in mid-2018, Timza has amassed many downloads. This versatile loan app has more than 1,000,000 downloads on the google play app store. It also has a good rating of3.9/5.0 from 3000 clients.

Timiza Loan App

Features of the Loan App

The Timiza loan app application has many excellent that gives it the edge over the mPesa loan app. survey shows the Timiza application offers a great deal of usefulness.

Its savings options are straightforward and in any form. Furthermore, you can easily book a taxi just inside the app through Little Cab. 

The highlights of the app are many. A few others are many helpful elements it offers for covering your bills. Customers can also easily from the app and send cash to another Timiza client or Mpesa number. Additionally, users purchase broadcast telephone credit and recharge accounts.

The following are some of the elements of the Timiza loan app:

Size and Updates of Timiza loan App

Downloading an application with extensive storage capability from the google play store can affect your phone. Each MB downloaded mirrors the uses of information packs from the organization. Timiza is an entirely decent storage loan app with a reasonable size of 11MB, even though it is a lot bigger in the other updates.

Timiza loan app is refreshed regularly by the developers. A benefit of this is that bugs are removed quickly in the app. In addition, this update aids the app performance, prompting a smooth client experience.

Timiza Loan Repayment and Breaking Point

Timiza offers loans from as little as KES 1000 to a limit of KES 150,000. The loan financing cost is 1.17%, with a help expense of 5%. These loans are repayable within 30 days.

Contact and Customer Support of Timiza Loan App

The app provides specialized help for newbies and old customers. Nonetheless, the in-app contact options offer customers the opportunity to send an email. You can likewise call them using the accompanying numbers 0204265000 or 0709213000.

Cooperation with Social Media

Timiza has an interactive site page on Barclays site. Unfortunately, Timiza doesn’t have committed web-based media channels. But, be that as it may, you can contact them through their Barclays bank social channels on meta and telegram. 

Client Experience

Simple apps are always generally accepted and used by people. However, the Timiza application has done something extraordinary for its users in Kenya, aside from a couple of other regions. 

The UI is very planned and has a flawless look. It is easy to navigate and does not require any special skills.

It has a spotless look designed to decrease interruptions to the end client. The design prompts a smooth client experience. The fundamental capacities like applying for a loan, pulling out your cash or setting aside an instalment is simple. That is how to draw in and hold your client.

One of the drawbacks to the client experience is in-app support. Moreover, the client reaches out to the help group for inquiries. Users can track down these features under the menu option in the upper right of the application. 

How to Apply for Loans on the Timiza Loan App

  • People can easily find and download the app on the google play store.
  • After download, users can install and click the register option.
  • Provide the essential information and apply for the loan.

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