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World of Warcraft Classic is a massive-multiplayer online role-playing game released in 2019 by Blizzard Entertainment, a California-based American video game company. The goal of WoW Classic was to depict the game in its original condition before the introduction of ‘The Burning Crusade,’ its first expansion, which proved to be a brilliant decision by Blizzard, selling a staggering 2.4 million copies on the first day. Keep in mind that The Burning Crusade expansion launched in 2007 is not the same as The Burning Crusade Classic expansion, which is a replica of the first expansion released on June 1st, 2021. To this day, many existing and new players go into the realm of Azeroth to discover its mysteries and become a part of its incredible narrative, so it’s only natural to create a new player guide for those who want to get started right away.
This article will highlight essential fundamentals such as what players need to start playing WoW Classic, character creation and where to start, abilities, weapons, and armor, as well as professions.

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WoW Classic

What are the requirements for playing WoW Classic?

To begin playing WoW Classic for the first time, players have to create a account, subscribe to World of Warcraft, which includes The Burning Crusade Classic expansion and download the game on their preferred system. Those looking for a more immersive World of Warcraft experience can purchase the Dark Portal Pass or the Deluxe Edition.

The basics

Players, as in any other MMORPG, must build a distinctive character model that will serve them in the fields of Azeroth. After selecting a race, class, and appearance, players will spawn in the race’s beginning zone. These are generally modest villages that explain to players the basics of the game and assist them in reaching level 10. Players will learn what the yellow exclamation points over NPCs’ heads represent, how to take missions from them, and how to track quests on the world map. Players can return to the quest givers for prizes after completing quests. In general, missions are the most exciting method to develop your character since they offer you experience points; alternatively, players can run dungeons or battlegrounds, which are less dynamic. When players achieve level 10, a new quest will become available, leading them to the next leveling zone.


At the bottom of the User Interface, players will surely come across an Action Bar that indicates what talents they have and how far they have gone toward acquiring additional skills unique to their class. This is important since novice players can simply track what particular skills do and how long it takes to level them up. Class trainers may be located all around the world, and they can teach players class-specific skills. While learning the foundations of WoW Classic, new players will be introduced to the class trainer in the beginning zone, although they may also be found in various villages and Faction cities.

Weapons and Armor

World of Warcraft Classic has a wide range of weapon and armor types to meet the demands of any player. Swords, maces, axes, spears, and daggers, as well as bows, wands, crossbows, and even guns, are available to players. Playing a mage, ranged, or close combat build grants your unique abilities for your chosen weapons. Close combat players, on the other hand, may want to obtain armor that can block damage, such as mail or plate armor, while any other class may choose to acquire light armor, such as cloth or leather. Additionally, each class can benefit from armor attribute pieces that provide armor attribute bonus but not armor itself. For the character to benefit from an equipable item, it must be put in its designated equipment slot.


Professions are skills that may be mastered independently of the player’s class, race, or faction and are typically effective for gearing up low-level players because created items can benefit all character levels, not just low levels. Many good crafting recipes may be gained from factions, however, the requirements need a lot of grinding due to their high cost. Players generally offset this by having the support of a guild. Furthermore, it is typical for players to take on two professions at once and attempt to level them up during the game.

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