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For players entering the world of Gielinor for the first time, the game itself might seem pretty straightforward. However, there is more to this mystical land than meets the eye. Old School RuneScape’s current world and its situations and circumstances are created from various events throughout history. One of these was the Dragonkin Conflicts, a series of attacks by the Necrosyrtes following the God Wars. These were caused by the abuse of the Stone of Jas by Saradomin, god of order and wisdom, and Zamorak, god of strength, chaos, and destruction, during the God Wars, which resulted in the Dragonkin being tortured by Jas’ curse. Helpless Dragonkin decided to attack human settlements in return pillaging everything in their way. Humans’ weapons were useless against the invaders therefore many fled to Zeah and founded Hosidius and Shayzien.  

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Dragonkin Conflicts

Stone of Jas

The Stone of Jas is a magical relic made by Jas that is used to curse the Dragonkin and bind them to serve as its defenders. When it is utilized incorrectly, it creates uncontrolled fury that can only be quenched by eliminating the person guilty. Despite the fact that the humans did not misuse the Stone of Jas, they were attacked since the gods Saradomin and Zamorak were exiled and therefore difficult to trace, resulting in the Dragonkin raiding human territories.       

Turning point

As previously said, no human weapon could hurt the Dragonkin; yet, as the war progressed, mankind discovered a means to harm the monstrosities. They obtained weapons made on Kethsi that were capable of injuring and finally killing the Dragonkin invaders. However, the Dragonkin, led by Zorgoth, began creating dragons from lizards in horrifying experiments to counter the human advantage. The Dragonkin experimented on green dragons since they were the weakest and most numerous. Despite multiple failed trials, the Dragonkin were able to improve the aggressiveness and strength of green dragons. They eventually relocated their Crandor laboratory to a new site on Ungael, where they experimented on blue dragons because the spores had little effect on green dragons. As a result, they created vorkath, a more powerful and less hostile dragon that subsequently became the boss in OSRS. Another vorkath was produced, but Zorgoth quickly destroyed it for unexplained reasons. Humans discovered the facility and chased the Dragonkin away from Ungael.


Zorgoth is a Dactyl Dragonkin who did not succumb to his kin’s terrible anger, instead tried to discover a cure. He had numerous concerns about his cause after experimenting on his own, but his hatred towards humans overcame those doubts. After switching laboratory locations, the Lithkren Vault was the ideal hideaway, as it was well prepared for Zorgoth to pursue his research throughout his thousand years in jail. This resulted in the birth of Galvek, a unique dragon with elemental powers and the ability to manipulate other dragons. Aside from Galvek, Zorgoth used his discoveries and Forcae’s expertise to construct adamant and rune dragons. Metal dragons, both adamant and rune, are encountered throughout the Dragon Slayer II questline. These monsters are the result of injecting dragon eggs with metals and are developed for war, whereas Forcae utilized his metal dragons to solve the Dragonkin’s infertility problem.


A Lithkren Vault, a subterranean research facility beneath an abandoned Dragonkin castle on Lithkren, was built by the Dragonkin. This area became known to particular human heroes like Robert The Strong, Aivas, Camorra Shayzien, and Tristan Corvo as Dragonkin captured numerous giants, demons, and other monsters here. These four led an attack on Lithkren Vault, defeating the Dragonkin but trapping Zorgoth within by activating an emergency procedure. The heroes divided the key to the laboratory and buried it in various locations throughout the world, fearful of the horrors that could still exist there. The Lithkren Vault is accessible during the Dragon Slayer II questline, where players must free Zorgoth and Galvek, his creation and the last boss in the Dragon Slayer II quest. Zorgoth returned to Ungael after his release to unite the surviving dragons and launch an attack on the human kingdoms. The kingdoms recognized this threat on time and banded together to fight back, ending in the deaths of Galvek and Zorgoth.

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