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The Old School World RuneScape is a wonderful place, full of natural wonders, magnificent wildlife, and intriguing sentient living forms. However, despite its allure, many terrible beasts lurk in the shadows, waiting to pounce on those seeking fortune. One of these perilous abominations is a failed experiment created and abandoned by the dragonkin, Zulrah, a level 725 snake boss who ascended to become one of Gielinor’s most infamous monsters. Surprisingly, no one knows Zulrah’s gender because it is referred to as male by its followers, despite evidence in its lair indicating Zulrah is female. With this article, we aim to give intriguing information and insights about Zulrah’s beginnings, as well as practical advice for dealing with Zulrah.

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Zulrah, as previously stated, was an experiment produced by one of the dragonkin during the Dragonkin Conflicts. It was deemed a failure, so it was abandoned; but, contrary to everyone’s expectations, Zulrah developed into a strong and clever serpent. Many years after her banishment, her creator, one of the dragonkin, came to Poison Waste and called the beast Zulrah seconds before he was consumed. During the Fifth Age, Harcinqa, her mother, and brother Rentos made a trip to Poison Waste, as did Ohn and a few refugees fleeing the elf clans. Ohn’s party was consumed by Zulrah on the first night, and Harcinqa’s mother, thinking quickly, decided to draw the beast with a campfire, sacrificing her son to strike a bargain with Zulrah. If Zulrah would let the rest of the gang survive, she would begin worshiping Zulrah as a deity and sending offerings regularly. As a result, Zul-Andra was founded, a tiny town south of Port Tyras whose residents are Zulrah devotees who follow Harcinqa as their high priestess, Zul-Harcinqa. To gain access to the boss fight players have to complete the Regicide questline to the point of reaching Port Tyras and afterward speak with Zul-Harcinqa to offer themselves as a sacrifice.

Zulrah’s Lair

Zulrah’s habitat, as well as the boss fight location, is in the shrine east of Zul-Andria. Only a charter ship from Port Tyras, using the fairy ring to the adjacent island and then leaping across the stepping stones, or the Zul-Andra teleport scroll can get you there. After reaching Zulrah’s habitat and progressing through the dialogue, Zulrah will emerge, preventing players from escaping until they defeat it, die, or teleport. Because the boss fight can only be done solo, other players can watch it from a telescope north of Zul-Andra.

Boss fight

Before entering the boss arena, it is vital to understand that Zulrah is resistant to Melee attacks and can only be hurt with Ranged or Magic. When the fight begins, players should observe the shrine’s layout, which is a U-shaped island with two pillars protruding out of it, around which Zulrah moves during the fight. As it is immune to melee attacks players must resort to Ranged and Magic to complete the fight. Zulrah, on the other hand, can attack with a powerful Melee attack as well as Ranged and Magic and can also spawn snakelings who attempt to harm players with deadly toxic attacks. Because Zulrah relies on venomous attacks, a more potent form of poison, it is advised to bring anti-venom or wear a serpentine helm to gain more effective protection. Throughout the fight, Zulrah switches between three different forms, each with its strengths and weaknesses. Zulrah starts in green form, during which it becomes more susceptible to Magic and employs both Ranged and Magic attacks to inflict damage. On the other hand, once Zulrah transforms into blue form, she is vulnerable to Ranged attacks but has more frequent and accurate Magic strikes, therefore it is advised to utilize the Protect from Magic prayer. Finally, Zulrah’s red form performs a strong melee strike that stuns players and does enormous damage if they are hit. Also, because Zulrah is tankier during this phase, it is best to use Magic against it. Snakelings and poisonous clouds spawn in accordance with four patterns that are activated at random during the conflict.

Drops and player death

When Zulrah is destroyed, players will earn an average of 97k gold as well as Zulrah’s scales. Furthermore, players have a chance to get weapons such as the Battlestaff, Dragon med helm, Dragon halberd, various runes such as Death, Law, or Chaos runes, Snapdragon, Dwarf weed, Toadflax, or Torstol herbs, and many other items. Furthermore, players earn two rolls on Zulrah’s drop table, with a % chance of receiving the Dragon spear, Rune battleaxe, arrows, runes, gold, and other items. In contrast, if a player is slain by Zulrah all items except the three most valuable can be found at the priestess at Zul-Andra docks who acts as an Item Retrieval Service. If a player dies in an unsafe way before retrieving items, they are permanently lost. Those who have not slain Zulrah many times as well as Ultimate Ironman accounts can retrieve their items for free, while those with a kill count of 50 or above must spend 100k gold to do so. Players who finish the Western Provinces diary guest line before the boss fight are awarded one free daily resurrection, allowing them to continue with the boss fight.

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