Sun. Oct 25th, 2020

Nanoleaf has revealed the latest light panels in its Shapes series, now in form of a triangle. Like the hexagon models, you can put them together in different patterns and then use them to mirror your TV, sync to music, or control them with Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, and Apple HomeKit. However, the Triangles now come in small and large sizes and use a very strong connector that snaps into place. That allows you to mount the panels as needed without having to attach each one to the wall, as before.

Nanoleaf Includes Triangle To Its Colourful Shapes Light Panels

Each panel lights up with 16 million different color combinations and offers touch capabilities, customization, and syncing functions. The screen mirror function displays the colors and patterns of movies or games, adding extra ambiance. You can also use the Nanoleaf app to program the panels in different scenes for different occasions. They can all be controlled via smart home systems and voice assistants like Google Home and Apple HomeKit, or you can double-click or just swipe on the panels to activate the functions.

The company also updated the app with a more intuitive interface, a new dashboard, and access to a wider color palette. The company also said it would soon introduce Essentials, its first lineup of smart bulbs and light strips. The new Shapes – Triangle is now available for $199 for the full-size triangle kit, or $119 for the mini-triangles. Expansion packs will cost $59 and $119, respectively.

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