List of Video Calling Apps For Android

List of Video Calling Apps For Android

In a situation as this where the world gradually is becoming one of which many sociologists as well as political scientist refers to as a Global village, it becomes prominent and of high importance that people tend or try in their possible ways they can to ensure that they are part of the Global trends and digital world. For instance, in a situation as this where there is a virus that created gaps within people and government as well as Nations has banned social gathering; with video call, you could easily reach someone to know how the person is doing and how the person is fairing. There are several functions of Video calls and different apps that you least expected that can be used for it but at first, a careful examination will be given to the advantages of video call.

List of Video Calling Apps For Android

Advantages of Video Calls

The following are the advantages of video call and they are:

  • They help bridge the gap that distance is trying to give because through the video chats you could see this person directly and get to interact with the person face to face to know his or her countenance.
  • It could also be used to facilitate the E-learning Process in a time like this; where social gathering is been banned and prohibited and whether there is no ban in public gathering it can also make students learn from home.
  • It can be used for a Family meeting as well as rehearsals or church Service (House fellowship), there are some video call applications for android that could actually be used to make conference all and transmit sound from one party to another. Zoom is a perfect example of that kind of Application where through the app you can hold a conference call.
  • Video calls can also be used as a medium to create and enhance relationships.

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Video Call Apps

Although most of these video calls Application for Androids do not multiple Function while some of the others do. Hence below are the Video call apps for android mostly found in the google play store and they are:

  • WHATSAPP: this is an android app that you could use to make your video calls and it does not really eat much data per se; in essence, it is less expensive and easy to maintain it. The most interesting part of the entire thing is that this app in particular is free in the Play store. It is unlike some apps in the play store where you would pay for them before you download them.
  • GOOGLE DUO: One amazing thing as regards the device is that involves all google connected device. It can be used as a video call and it’s cheaper a lot as regards internet or data fee. The same apps can be used in the Laptop.
  • SKYPE FOR BUSINESS: Unlike other android apps for video call that has come out and still having glitches, Skype is totally different because it has been out as an app for years and has been worked on over and over again to fulfill as well as satisfy their users.
  • ZOOM: this can be used for international conference meetings just as some Churches are using it currently now for their meeting. It does cost data but not as much as skype. Zoom unlike the others has a price tag of about $19.99 for their cloud meetings but to download the android app is totally free.
  • SLACK: this is also a free app for video calling but has also an amazing feature. You can actually download the app for free but in making use of it there are varieties of prices as it depends on how you want the payment to be made.

Despite the different advantages of these video apps, it becomes worthy to carefully note that they need a secure network to operate successfully.

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