How To Check Hotmail Junk Mail On Android

How To Check Hotmail Junk Mail On Android

Based on the client’s perspective, Hotmail has been announced to be the one that offers the email service with its abundant and advanced features. It can not be observed via other mail apps since it has joined with such quality that can make the users multitasking. Those individuals are not only presently utilizing it for corporate-related communication, It is excellent in all way yet as it is genuine that everything requires technicians, Hotmail, in the same way, requires servicing.

How To Check Hotmail Junk Mail On Android

How You Can Check Hotmail Junk Mail On Your Android Device

  • The first thing to do is to open the mailbox of your Hotmail.
  • Navigate to settings then you will see the options displayed at the upper right-hand side of your device.
  • Beneath the “Junk E-Mail” side, you will find every of your junk mails.

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How You Can Block The Unwanted Emails In Hotmail

• click open your Hotmail mailbox

Tap on options located at the right side on top of the page.

• then click on more options then beneath preventing junk email, tap on Safe and blocked senders.

• Tap on the blocked senders button and then type in the email address on the box tagged email address or domain’, then tap on “Add to list”.

You can also be able to remove email addresses and domains from the list of safe senders by selecting them and then clicking on the trash button. By doing this will not really power mails gotten from those senders to go to the spam folder, but it will rather take them back to an ordinary email status, where they might or might not go to spam, depending on how will take the message.

How Long Hotmail Junk Mail Lasts

As it has been confirmed in previous times, Hotmail would leave spam untouched in the Junk mail folder for up to 10 days, then after that, any other remaining email left in the junk mail folder will be erased automatically. But any email that you set aside as spam or consequently moved to the Junk folder will be given a grace period before being deleted.

The Items and Junk E-mail folders that were deleted are without a doubt exhausted by the Hotmail/ servers on a regular basis but still, they are all kept for at least 10 days in the folders before they are being deleted automatically by Hotmail.

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