Deca Core Processor: Using Deca Core Processor Smartphones and A Review On Its Functions

Deca Core Processor

The Deca Core Processor is said to be one of the best upgrades so far this year and it is believed that the Deca Core Processor smartphones are already being used by many worldwide.

About the Deca Core Processor

In the sense that a smartphone with more cores will perform better than smartphones with lesser cores, we will be looking at the Deca Core Processor in comparison with other Core Processor based on the efficiency of the smartphone to complete more tasks in a given time. The Core and Clock Speed are terms related to the Processors. As we already know that the cores have to do with the smartphone’s ability to do more tasks in a set time, the Clock Speed is the GHz number assigned next to each processor. The higher the Clock Speed, the faster the Core is able to complete the task at hand.

Deca Core Processor

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Multi Core Processors

  1. Dual Core Processors: in this type of Processor, the CPU will have two Cores present in each Processor.
  2. Quad Core Processors: The Quad Core Processor is a chip possessing four cores capable of reading data and executing tasks independently.
  3. Hexa Core Processors: this Processor handles tasks faster and better than the Quad Core and Dual Core Processors respectively because it makes use of six cores.
  4. Octa Core Processors: this Processor gives a 200% increase in the total speed of the system than the Quad Core Processor. It is more efficient in completing tasks since it utilizes eight cores to perform tasks.
  5. Deca Core Processors: the Deca Core Processor uses ten (10) cores in performing tasks in a faster and efficient manner than the rest Processors. This Processor makes the system super-fast in completing tasks.

Functionality of the Deca Core Processor

When it has to do with the MediaTek MT6797 Helio X20, which is the first Deca Core Processor launched in the market, it consists of two Quad Core configurations and a Dual Core configuration on a single SoC. The four Cortex A53 cores are supposed to handle basic tasks of general navigation, the other four Cortex A53 cores which are clocked faster are meant for carrying out more demanding tasks. The other two Cortex A72 cores are meant to deal with much more intense tasks like 3D photography and 4K video recording.

List of Deca Core Processor Smartphone You Can Get

  • Meizu Pro 6
  • Xiaomi Redmi Pro 128GB
  • Meizu Pro 6S
  • Lenovo K8 Note 64GB
  • Umidigi Z Pro

A Deca Core Processor phone with a high Clock Speed is most definitely a masterpiece. Although expensive, I bet it will be worth purchasing if you are a person who runs up to 10 apps simultaneously.

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