How To Program An Xfinity Remote

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The remote control is undoubtedly an important part of any electronic device. Xfinity provides versatile remotes to help you access all the features of your TV, whatever brand or model it is. There are several types of Xfinity remotes and they are programmed in different ways. If you want to program your Xfinity remotes, you must first note the type or model of Xfinity remote you’re going to program. To know the model of Xfinity remote you have, check the back of the remote for the model number.

How To Program An Xfinity Remote

For an XR15 Remote (Without Set A Up Button)

When you confirm your remote to be an XR15, first turn on your TV to sync, then Press and hold the Xfinity button with one thumb, while you press and hold the mute button with your second thumb. After 5 seconds of doing this the red infrared light on the tip of the remote will turn green. Press the TV manufacturer’s 5-digit code (There are a couple of them). After the green light blinks twice, it is confirmed that the code is correct, otherwise, it blinks red and green, check the code and try again. Facing the remote to the TV, press the Power button on the remote. If it goes off, turn it back on to confirm that the Volume and the mute button are now working. However, if after pressing the power button, the TV doesn’t go off, try using another code from the list.

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For Remotes with A Set Up Button

First turn on your TV to sync, next, you would Press and hold the “Setup” button till the infrared at the top of the remote changes from red to green. Press on the numbers “991”, this action will cause the light to blink twice. Next Press the “CH^” button till the TV get off. After this, press setup once more to save the code you entered. You can now test if it’s programmed by pressing the Power button. If it is, the TV will naturally come on.

Using My Account App on Android or iOS

After opening the Xfinity Account App in your phone, tap on the “TV” button and choose the particular TV you use, and choose “Set up a remote”. Check for the model of remote you want to program, and tap on “continue”. Either choose “TV” or “Audio/Other” and follow the instructions to successfully program your remote.

For Xfinity Voice Remote

For the Xfinity voice remote, press the microphone button and command “Program remote” in speech.

To get the code for your TV model go to to find the TV model you want to control.

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