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Knowing if someone blocked you on Facebook or deactivated their account is one thing Facebook users are trying to understand. This article will bring to your understanding the truth about this, so you don’t jump into conclusions.

When using Facebook, we communicate with people, and after sometimes, you can discover you no longer connect with a Facebook friend. This can happen in such a way that, you won’t have access to the person’s profile or even be able to send the person a message. Now, several thoughts can come to your mind regarding this and if you don’t have the right idea, you can misunderstand the whole thing.

How To Tell If Someone Blocked You On Facebook Or Deactivated Their Account

Facebook and Users

Facebook gave its users the power to deactivate their accounts and also to block someone they don’t want to connect with any longer on their platform. There are a lot of things Facebook users can do for their own self-interest.

A lot of activities take place on Facebook based on how interesting the service is but still, this doesn’t stop people from wanting to take a break off it. Facebook users can choose to stop making use of Facebook for a specific time frame if they want.

For security reasons, users of the Facebook service can decide to block someone because the person may be stocking them or can be an imposter. To stay safe from people like these, blocking them seems like the right option.

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Difference Between Blocking Someone on Facebook and Deactivating Facebook Account

This article is aimed at helping Facebook users know if they were blocked by someone on Facebook or probably, the person deactivates his/her Facebook account.

One way to know if someone blocked you or deactivate their Facebook account is to search for their name on Facebook. If you get a message saying “The page you requested was not found”, it means that one of the above actions have been taken by the person.

Below is a break down on the follow actions:

Blocking Someone on Facebook

When someone blocks you on Facebook, there are certain things to look out for in order for you to be sure that this is the action he/she took. See them below:

  • You won’t be able to contact the person on Facebook (Telling you, messages can’t be sent to the person or received from the person).
  • Also, if you see that their name is black and in bold in your old messages, then, you have been blocked.
  • You won’t be able to tag the person in any post or comment.

 Deactivated Facebook Account

You can know someone deactivate their account in the following ways:

  • Search the person’s profile on your friends list. If it happens you can still find it on your friends list, then, the account was deactivated.
  • You can still communicate with the person on Messenger despite deactivation of the account.

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