How To Hide Your Text Messages On Android (3 Ways)

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We live in an age where there are different messaging platforms available for conversing on our smartphones. Even as we mostly use popular messaging apps such as; WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Hike, etc. on our android devices, SMS isn’t archaic just yet. Our SMS inbox often contains our most sensitive information like credit/debit transaction alerts, important dates for events, receipts of bookings. Most of this information isn’t one we would want to share with the public. So here I will be talking on a few very effective apps that can help you hide your Text Messages on your Android devices.

How To Hide Your Text Messages On Android

These apps will ensure that your privacy is intact and nobody gets their hands on your sensitive information through your messages. These apps will leave you at ease when someone is busy operating your phone. So, if you get to the edge when your phone is being used by another person, these apps are here to save you the worry.

Vault-Hide SMS, Pics and Videos

As the name rightly says, in this app, you have a vault that safely hides your messages, pictures, and videos just to mention a few. Inasmuch as it is a vault, it is also an SMS and contact hider. Which means you enjoy the best of both worlds.

It can effectively operate as a vault would while hiding your private messages and contacts from your system as well. To make use of this app, you will have to import contacts into the app, which will then be labeled as private. These contacts which you’ve imported into the app will no longer show in your phonebook and messages from them will not appear on your stock messaging app. A PIN-based would be required to access this app and also access any other app you choose to lock using it.

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Messenger Locker – Message Lock

This is a totally different app compared to the rest on this list. It is not an app that locks your messages, rather it is an app locker that will easily lock your stock messaging app and any other app you wish to lock. You will be required to set up a PIN-based password that can later be changed to patterns just as required in other app lockers. The main screen to this app features a list of apps that the app lock thinks you might want to lock like WhatsApp, Facebook, Skype, etc. If you wish to add other apps to the list, simply tap the plus “+” button found at the bottom right of the screen.

To lock an app, just tap the lock symbol and you can do the same to other apps you wish to lock. When you want to unlock any of the apps, you will be asked to enter the PIN/Pattern you had set earlier.


Calculator is a perfect cover for an app that acts as a message hider. This is a calculator on the outside, but a vault on the inside. It works perfectly well as a Calculator, thereby not raising any suspicion as it looks like any calculator app to every other person.

In order to access the hidden vault, you will have to enter “123+=” in the calculator. This action will take you to the app’s main screen; here you can now add the contacts you wish to make private. Every message and call logs from the selected contacts will be hidden from your phone’s system and will surface here instead. The app’s UI isn’t very fancy or appealing, but the fact that it looks like a Calculator to everyone else is a bonus point.

So, there are 3 amazing apps to help you hide your messages and like Vault-Hide SMS, Pics and Videos also act as an app locker. With these apps, you will be rest assured of privacy.

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