How Low Data Mode Works on Your iPhone or iPad

How Low Data Mode Works on Your iPhone or iPad

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Activating Low Data Mode helps you reduce the amount of data your iPhone or iPad will consume on Wi-Fi, a cellular network, or while acting as a personal hotspot.

For does who aren’t on unlimited data plan or you’re are afraid of blowing your personal hotspot, then I feel you should learn about this Low Data Mode right now.

Its time you learn how to use Low Data Mode and save your iOS or iPadOS from loss.

How Low Data Mode Works on Your iPhone or iPad

What Is Low Data Mode on iOS and iPadOS?

Low Data Mode is a feature Apple embedded into its devices that helps users limit the amount of data that their iPhone or iPad use. This feature works according to the kind of apps you’re running on your device. Here are few changes that Low Data Mode bring to your operating system:

⦁ It prevents some apps from using data while in the background.

⦁ It disables automatic iCloud backups and pauses iCloud Photo sync.

⦁ It reduces the streaming quality of music and video.

How to Use Low Data Mode on Wi-Fi

Here’s how to activate Low Data Mode on a Wi-Fi network:

⦁ Head to Settings and click Wi-Fi.

⦁ Tap the info (i) icon close to the Wi-Fi network you’re connected to.

⦁ Locate the Low Data Mode option and activate it.

You iPhone will keep Low Data Mode toggled on for that particular network until it is disable. You can turn this mode on for specific networks while leaving it off for other.

How to Use Low Data Mode on a Cellular Network

With Low Data Mode activate on your device, you’ll be able to consume less cellular data while you’re not on a Wi-Fi network.

Follow the steps below to activate Low Data Mode for a cellular network:

⦁ Open Settings and tap Cellular.

⦁ Click on Cellular Data Options.

⦁ Next, tap Data Mode.

⦁ The final step, tap Low Data Mode to enable it.

How to Use Low Data Mode With a Personal Hotspot

With a supported cellular data plan, you can use your iPhone as a personal hotspot for other devices. Nonetheless, some plans (even unlimited data plans) gradually reduces your personal hotspot data once you’ve exceeded a set limit.

You can reserve data and make those fast speeds last longer by using Low Data Mode with Personal Hotspot. Here’s how to do it:

⦁ Open Settings on on the device you want to connect to the hotspot with and click on Wi-Fi.

⦁ Locate your hotspot device in the list of networks and click on it to connnect.

⦁ Then, tap its info button.

⦁ Find the Low Data Mode toggle and turn it on.

Devices that previously connected to your iPhone as a hotspot will remember it and might prompt you in the future when the hotspot is available. Moreover, they won’t join automatically.

Reduce your iPhone data usage over Wi-Fi, cellular, or on personal hotspot networks with Low Data Mode today.

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