TikTok Rolls Out A New Immersive Musical Effects

TikTok Rolls Out A New Immersive Musical Effects

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TikTok is popular video-sharing social networking platform. The company has been able to pull millions of creators to its platform, that’s to show you how engaging it can be. Its quite obvious that the company will not stop bringing new things to its platform that would make you want to stay all.

Presently, TikTok is adding six new effects to the app, and they all respond to the diffferent sounds in your music. There’s no betterway to supplement music-based videos than with interactive musical effect.

TikTok Rolls Out A New Immersive Musical Effects

TikTok’s New Effects Bring Music to Life

In a recent post on the TikTok Newsroom, TikTok explained how the new immersive effects. Music Visualizer is the first effect to be rolled out and displays an 80s-esque design with a vibrant blue, pink, and purple spacescape. Still in your video, you’ll get to capture the vibe of your music with the design’s pulsating effects.

Another exciting effect, Music Machine, lets you assume the role of a DJ. You’ll ge to play with an interactive BPM slider and different drumbeats and sounds effects.

Other upcoming effects let you apply rhythmic text, colorful moving backgrounds, and a house of mirrors-style look to your videos.

You can simple check out the demonstration of how it works before launch on the TikTok Newsrooms’s TikTok page.

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