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Facebook Lite Free – FB Lite is a subversion of Facebook that doesn’t consume much data on use. This feature was designed by the company for users with less space on their devices, or by any chance you find yourself making use of a device that isn’t so advanced. The differences between the Facebook App and the Facebook Lite App aren’t in any way much.

The common Facebook app we all know reduces battery life and uses more bandwidth charges. When making use of a device with a lower battery capacity, it is best you use the FB Lite App. The only restriction this feature has is that you can’t post or stream videos online. As for the rest, they are all the same. For those users, in continents like Africa who spend a lot on data, this app is most suitable for you to reduce your data consumption.

Facebook Lite Free

Facebook Lite Free Install

To get the app you can visit the App Store for your devices. For android users, visit the Google Playstore, for IOS users, visit Apple App Store, and for Windows users, visit the Windows Store.
• Visit your App store or Play Store
• Get on the search bar of the page
• Type “Facebook Lite”
• Follow the instruction to download and install

The above is a helpful resource for you to download your Facebook Lite App. Mind you, your device needs to be smart and must be able to accept apps. All you need to download this app is 1MB and guess what? it only consumes 2.82MB of your phone storage.

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