Samsung Galaxy Fold Feature Gets Its Update From Its Successor

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Samsung has begun launching the Galaxy Fold update it promised in mid-October that’ll give the device features found in its newest sibling. One of the Fold 2 features making its way to the older foldable is App Pair, which lets you merge up to three apps together and launch the all at once from the Edge Panel. The apps will open in the spilled-screen layout of your choice.

Samsung Galaxy Fold Feature Gets Its Update From Its Successor

The update also gives the first Fold the capability to connect with a smart TV ad to turn it into a mobile-powered PC with a Samsung Dex dock. In addition to that, it brings several camera improvements to the older foldable, including “Auto Framing” that zooms the camera in and out to ensure you get the right shot with multiple people in the frame.

In the main time, “Dual Preview” can show you a preview of the picture you’re taking on the device’s Cover and Main Screens. If you chose to take a selfie with the rear camera, you can simply open up the camera app on the Cover Screen and activate Rear Cam Selfie. Lastly, the update will allow the Galaxy Fold to share the password of the WiFi network it’s connected to directly to trusted Galaxy devices nearby.

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