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Delete Facebook Permanently 2020 – Facebook is currently the biggest social networking platform in the world. But the system is also facing a lot of difficulties as well as threats too. Just in 2020, we’ve seen companies who have had their systems hacked by fraudsters and programmers.

Social media as we know today has expanded in ways than we expected. Networking companies have advised their users to be vigilant and mind the way they share their account details or login to their accounts with other people’s devices. If you feel you’re having issues keeping up with managing different accounts all at once, you can choose to delete some and have one official account.

Most times, having more than two accounts at the same time isn’t worth it because you can forget your accounts hacked or password forgotten.

Delete Facebook Permanently 2020

How To Delete Facebook Permanently In 2020

It is advisable to have a copy of all the information you feel is relevant from your account. Below are the steps for deleting your Facebook account:

  • At the top right corner of your page, click on the hamburger icon ( the icon with three stripes);
  • Select Settings & Privacy
  • Your Facebook Information will pop up next, click on it;
  • Next will be Deactivation and Deletion;
  • Choose Permanently Delete Account, then click Continue to Account Deletion;
  • Delete the account, enter your password, and you’re good to go.

There’s is also something interesting about this, you can cancel your account deletion if it’s been less than 30 days. Immediately after 30 days, your account and all your information will be completely terminated.

Can I Temporarily Deactivate My Account?

Sure you can. you can choose to take a break from Facebook and temporarily deactivate your account. Advantages of doing this include:

  • People won’t be able to see or got to your Facebook profile.
  • Your photos, posts, and videos won’t be deleted.
  • You can still use Facebook Login for your other apps.
  • You can choose to come back whenever you want.

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