Create Beautiful Widgets On iPhone

How to Create Beautiful Widgets On iPhone

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The iOS 14 update came with a new era of customization for users of the iPhone. Before iOS 14, the customization was limited to only changing of wallpapers, widgets in the Today View menu, and Control Centre. But now, you can be able to add widgets to your iPhone home screen, change the widget size, be able to replace default app icons, and even design custom widgets by using new categories of apps.

Since the iOS 14 update was introduced on iPhone, a lot of users seem to be going crazy over customizing their iPhone home screen with matching widgets and app icons. Being able to change an app icon in iOS 14 is really not an easy process and it comes with many limitations that will take away all the experience.

If you are making use of an iPhone and really wish to create a beautiful widget on your device but have no idea on how to do so, you will show how you can do that in this article.

Create Beautiful Widgets On iPhone

How You Can Create Beautiful Widgets on Your iPhone

You will make use of two apps, which are Color Widgets, and Widgetsmith in order to make custom widgets on your iPhone.

With Color Widgets

Below are steps on how to use color widgets to make beautiful widgets on your iPhone;

  • The first thing you need to do is to navigate to your App Store and install the Color Widgets app.
  • Once the app has installed, launch the app, then from the home screen you will see medium-sized iOS 14 widgets that are ready to use to choose from.
  • Then you choose the one that you prefer and navigate to the Edit Widget menu.
  • On the menu, you can be able to change the background color and select from Light or Dark color. Then you can customize the time, day color, and date from the Theme menu.
  • After you have done that, you then scroll down to Font and choose from the available font styles.
  • Then you can either delete the default photo or add another one from your device gallery.

After that, click on Set Widget, and your customized widget will display on your home screen.

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You can go to your home screen and long hold on any icon and click on the + icon at the top on the left side of your screen. Then search for Color Widgets and you will be able to see your newly created widget in three sizes which you can add on your home screen.

With Widgetsmith

Follow the steps below;

  • You first open your App Store to download and install the Widgetsmith app.
  • After it has installed, you then open the app and click on all the “allows” to grant permission.
  • Then you choose the Widget size you wish to customize.
  • You can be able to add information such as Date, Time, Photo, Calendar, Weather, Health Activity, Tides, and even Astronomy in the style menu.
  • If the Style you selected includes fonts, head to the font menu, and choose the font style that you like.
  • You add Tint color, Background Color, and Border color and that is it.

With that, you have been able to create beautiful widgets on your iPhone.

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