Apple Announced Its New iPhone Will Be Coming A Little Bit Late

Apple Announced Its New iPhone Will Be Coming A Little Bit Late

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For years, people have had to purchase brand new iPhones in September, basically weeks after a press conference at Apple’s ring-shaped headquarters. The confirmed that it wouldn’t be possible this year. Luca Maestri — the company’s Chief Financial Officer — confirmed that Apple’s new iPhones would be arriving later than usual during a conference call.

This will probably be the first time all of Apple’s new phone will miss a September release, some individual models announced besides a pair of stablemates have shipped afterward. The original iPhone X was revealed together with the iPhone 8 and 8 plus in September 2017 but didn’t come out until November that year. Afterward, the iPhone XR was launched a month after the iPhone XS and XS Max was released.

Apple Announced Its New iPhone Will Be Coming A Little Bit Late

Rumors of delayed iPhone launch have been going viral for quite some time now, and the idea behind this got a significant boost the other day after Qualcomm released its own quarterly earnings. The chipmaker said it expected 5G devices sales in its September quarter because an unnamed customer was forced to delay a global 5G handset launch.

Considering the fact that iPhone has been constant in releasing its new phones in September, Qualcomm committed to helping Apple launch their first 5G iPhone, but judging from today’s announcement, it feels a lot like a forgotten conclusion. Even with this additional clarity, Apple’s iPhone launch window still feels unusually uncertain. People who foresaw this event said Apple wouldn’t release its newest products until November or December.

That may still be true, it is also unclear whether Apple will choose to hold its launch event virtual or otherwise in September as always, before launching all the new smartphones at once. In the meantime, Maestri was quick to note that Apple expected huge sales from all of its other non-iPhone products.

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