iPhone AR Technology Has The Ability To Improve Amateur CGI

iPhone AR Technology Has The Ability To Improve Amateur CGI

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Match Moving is the process of coordinating a CGI object inside a real-world space so that the camera makes it appear like it was really there. If you’ve ever seen anything where a camera moves past a movie’s title like it was a road sign, then you are acquainted with how it looks. The process is mostly used in film and TV, but it’s still difficult to achieve without rotoscoping, even if it’s gotten a lot cheaper. HitFilm developer FXHome thinks they found a way to manipulate the iPhone camera to make Match Moving accessible even for a novice.

CamTrackAR is a new app from the British developer, which makes use of the iPhone’s superior augmented reality skills to make the process easier. When you start the app, you need to look around space until it identifies the floor, at which point you can start placing nulls. Nulls are essentially the anchor points within a space that will help VFX artists later include in the CGI elements to live-action.

iPhone AR Technology Has The Ability To Improve  Amateur CGI

You can then bring out two files: the raw video, and the co-ordinate data in a separate file, that can be put together in HitFilm proper. For instance, you created an animated robot in Blender, all you need to do is to import the model and textures into HitFilm. Next, you can input your live video scene alongside the data from CamTrackAR, and from there, HitFilm will merge the two together letting you focus on adjusting the lighting and other factors to make it excellent.

The Hitfilm team serves as part of its quest to democratize the costly special effects that are usually the preserve of Hollywood. It also renders its service to studios looking to create pre-vis; rough and ready VFX shots that help directors and editors plan their real effects shot ahead of time. This is really where something like CamTrackAR will is included, mostly if VFX artists can use it to take a lot of needless finding out of the process of building and testing these shots.

You can now get CamTrack from the App Store and is free with one anchor point, with exports to HitFIlm’s own products and Blender. Those wanting more anchor points and exports to After Effects will need to upgrade to the premium version for $4.99 monthly r a lifetime purchase of $29.99.

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