Wed. Nov 25th, 2020

If you have had to fil a PDF, you would it can be very frustrating and time-consuming most times. Normally, it requires either several steps to convert the PDF into a form where it can be stacked, or a printer. Adobe and Google have it in mind to change that. Today, they are launching a lot of new shortcuts, including PDF, which allows you to create a free Adobe Acrobat PDF from a word document.

It even lets you create a fillable PDF form, with Sign new. When you input the shortcuts in your browser, you will be redirected to an Adobe page where you can simply drag and drop the file you intend to convert.

The Shortcuts On Adobe Browser Makes It Easier To Create PDFs

There are lots of other shortcuts, too. converts a JPG file to a PDF, and will reduce a huge PDF file size so it is easier to distribute. To go further, click on and you will end up in Adobe Spark.

In addition to the newly created shortcuts, the company says it is giving everyone access to 20 free Acrobat online tools this year. You can log in using a free Adobe ID, and you will be able to do things like sending a contract for someone to sign and track the signer’s response in real-time.

Adobe says this is all about streamlining the way we get things done. It partnered with Google to make this a success, and it’s following the company’s lead. In 2018, Google introduced a lot of .new shortcuts to making creating documents, sites, slides, and forms much easier. In 2019, it added to the calendar and meeting shortcuts. Like Google’s shortcuts, Adobe seems easy and straight forward.

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