Mon. Sep 28th, 2020

YouTube is launching a feature very similar to that of TikTok. It is a new short-form video format that seems an awful lot like TikTok. The name of this feature is called YouTube “Shorts”, and it makes 15-seconds videos shot on mobile phones.

You’ll be able to string a series of videos clips together, record with music, and adjust the video speed. There’s also a timer and countdown so you can record it hands-free. The company plans on launch this feature first in India over the next few days.

YouTube Is Bringing In A Short-form Video Format To Compete With TikTok

YouTube recently included a row on its homepage for short videos, and now, users can swipe vertically to move from one video to the next. The company claims it’s going to make it even easier to start watching Shorts. YouTube also recently rolled out a new spot for the create icon on Android, starting in India, and it will bring that to iOS devices and more countries soon.

This could bring more competition into the market for apps like TikTok and Instagram.

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