Why Is Insurance So Annoyingly Expensive in the United Kingdom?

How come after having all these facilities that the United Kingdom claims to have, their auto insurance premium seems to be high on her citizens?

What is their reason for such expensive insurance in an industrialized nations?

However it was gathered that the following are the reasons why the United Kingdom Auto Insurance is expensive:

Why Is Insurance So Expensive in United Kingdom
  • It is expensive to insure a car in the United Kingdom due to their state of drivers, research has shown that most times the young men drive cars about recklessly and if the insurance in the United Kingdom becomes cheaper as regards ensuring of cars the premium cannot cover for the claims; because there is a high probability of accident coming up any time. And this kind of premium cannot be calculated because it will only contradict their predations.
  • It is to discourage the use of cars when it is not really necessarily need because in the United Kingdom, there is no much space where people can pack lots of cars and this high auto insurance discourages a lot  of the citizens in the United Kingdom from getting cars.
  • Avoidance of rad traffics as well as accidents.
  • Due to the fact that they pay for every damage and claims hat is due to a particular client.

Over time, debate has risen about this unjust decisions to increase the price of auto insurance because of the reasons Stated above. In accordance to Francis, he postulated that not all drivers drive recklessly and that there should be a caution rather than making everybody suffer for the sin of just one man. He further stated that in the United Kingdom, not every driver should be regarded as a reckless one and as such the reckless driving should have nothing to do with the aspect of auto insurance.

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