Does Insurance Actually Cover Theft of Car? : All You Need to Know

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Most times, in some states as well as some countries, there is one question that always run through the heart of people and most times, if this question is not answered properly, it will tend to discourage the people from investing in auto insurance cause they may definitely think or assume that accident is not only the case at which a car needs to be replaced. Thus the question implies if Auto Insurance covers stolen car? To be paraphrased, if my car is stolen and it is insured under auto insurance, is there any possibility of me getting my claims from my auto insurance firms?

In auto insurance, there is a term known as comprehensive coverage, if your car is insured under this category, you are expected to have covered up to the Actual Cash Value (ACV) of the insured vehicle in the event of your car was stolen into or broken in to. However, the liability as well as proportions of your insurance will not cover car theft. The advice we could render is that the insured party should report as well as file a cash with the Police and then hereafter contact a service the insurance provider to determine if you are to as regards that area so you could start making and purchasing your claims. It is worthy to note that in the insurance firm, not all auto insurance give claims for stolen Car. However there is an insurance needed for car theft;

Does Insurance Cover Theft of Car

Comprehensive Insurance

Just as the name implies comprehensive, it has to do with the totality of insurance that is to say a kind of insurance that cover multiple of reasons. It has however been discovered that this is the only type of insurance that makes claim for stolen car which they refer to as a theft case in auto insurance. They reimburse you in the case of car theft or damage due to theft, even if the car is recovered. This aspect of insurance covers you or protects you from damage to your vehicle caused by miscellaneous non-collision events, such as flooding, a falling tree limb as well as vandalism. This particular kind of insurance is however optional in auto insurance firms because it requires one to pay extra as regards premiums. Due to the amount of premium required, most drivers decide to go for the Liability Insurance of which this insurance in particular does not cover car theft.

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