Tired of Facebook: 5 Strong Reasons Everyone is Deleting Facebook | How to Delete Facebook in 2021 For Life

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Do you want to quit Facebook? Am sure you desire to know how this is done in 2021 coupled with the fact that the social media giants have made some changes in the process from the previous year.

Are you tired of the Facebook social media platform and you want to delete your Facebook account forever? If your answer is YES, then, this article is perfect for you. There are several reasons why people take this particular action. It may be because they just want to take a break from social media for some time or they are just totally tired of all that social media platforms like Facebook bring to them. Quitting now looks like the best step to take.

why is everyone deleting facebook

Why is Everyone Deleting Facebook 2021

Below are strong reasons people decide to delete Facebook account permanently:

Time Consumption

Facebook is known to be very engaging and the company has continuously developed new features which makes it impossible for people to get off its platform. This is very dangerous, most especially for young people. It harms their creativity by stealing all the useful time they could use for other valuable activities.


Over the years, Facebook has battled with the issue of insecurity. There are a couple of illegal activities which happen on the platform. Impersonations have become a thing of concern. The identities of users is for scamming people on FB. Being a victim of scams is a good reason to quit the platform.

Meeting the Wrong Friends

In as much as Facebook helps people make new friends, there are still people on the platform with the wrong motives. Not everyone is a good friend and people have been victims of this.

Data Collection

People enjoy making use of the internet but still desire to do it knowing they aren’t monitored. Facebook is known for sharing data they collect from users. Even the activities of users are being taken record of and this affects the information Facebook gives them.

Dispensing False Information

Facebook frowns against fake news and has been working to make sure this stops on its platform. Even with this, there is still a lot of misleading information on the platform. This information has caused different unwanted reactions from users. Some have even led to physical violence and other serious issues. Also, information that doesn’t add to people’s growth and advancement is dispensed on the social media platform.

Should You Delete Facebook or Deactivate Facebook?

Deleting Facebook or deactivate Facebook depends on the user. If all you intend to do is taking a break from the platform for just some time, then, deactivate your Facebook account is the best option. This is because, you can return to fully using your account whenever you wish but if you choose to delete your account, every information about you on Facebook is lost forever. Although, deleting the account permanently will be delayed for 90 days just in case the user has a change of mind.

Is Quitting Facebook and Delete Facebook the Same?

Logically, quitting Facebook and deleting Facebook doesn’t mean the same thing. This is because you can quit Facebook without having to delete your Facebook account. So, you have to be specific about the action you want to take.

How to Quit Facebook

Quitting Facebook doesn’t take a lot. It’s just a personal decision to stop making use of the Facebook social media platform. People quit FB and other social media platforms from time to time. So, how do you quit Facebook without having to return back to it again? Simply follow these steps:

  • Open the device (iOS or Android)
  • In your settings, locate the section for your Apps
  • Navigate to the Facebook app and click on it
  • Lastly, click the Uninstall button

How to Deactivate or Delete Facebook in 2021

  • Login your Facebook account
  • Get to your profile page
  • In the top right corner, click on your profile picture
  • Click on Settings & Privacy
  • Next, click Your Facebook Information on the left-hand column
  • Click Deactivation and Deletion
  • Select Delete or Deactivate
  • Finally, confirm your action

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