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There’s been a lot of pressure for most people to get the Hotstar mod apk free, but many are unaware of what it entails.

This write-up will give an insight into what the app entails and how to get it, but first, let’s get into a little discussion about streaming apps.

Streaming apps are very useful app, most of them come in different forms and genres.

There are streaming apps for different purposes.

Some of these types of streaming apps are,

  • Sports streaming apps
  • Movie streaming apps
  • Music streaming apps

The need and the use of streaming apps came as a result of people not having time to sit at home and get engulfed in the comfort of TVs.

It came as a result of the fact that most people enjoyed and wanted something that could give them comfort outside their homes.

They wanted to enjoy what they are missing or what they’ve been missing at home, either due to a busy work schedule, or something else.

These streaming apps there are, have proven to be very useful in times of boredom at work, in school, and even at home.

So far, the bills for streaming apps have proven to be way cheaper than cable subscription.

But it should not be ignored or forgotten that when streaming apps are in use, they require an internet subscription.

Notwithstanding, many people have opted for streaming apps than cable subscription.

This is because they have proven to be more reliable on the go and do not require one to stay at a place to get the fun they deserve.

The purpose of this article is to talk about Hotstar mod apk free.

But first what is Hotstar app?

Hotstar Mod Apk Free

What Is Hotstar App?

Hotstar is a self-acclaimed go-to streaming app for the best Indian entertainment, TV shows, Live Cricket, News, and Movies.

With the Hotstar app, on is entitled to different streaming platforms ranging from, news to all sorts of entertainment.’

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Features Of Hotstar App

The mobile application packs a lot of features and these features include,

  • Live Sports Streaming
  • Stream Live TV Channels, the likes of HBO, Nat Geo, Fox Life, and more.
  • Kids Content available
  • User-friendly interface
  • News Channels
  • HD Quality videos
  • Hollywood and Bollywood Movie Streaming

All and these come at a price that varies with each user’s subscription.

At this point is where the Hotstar mod apk comes into play.

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What Is Hotstar Mod Apk?

Hotstar mod apk is a modified version of the hotstar app that gives the user more privileges than the original app does.

This modified app helps the users to see the app in another light, getting to use what they aren’t able to use on the regular app.

Features Of Hotstar Mod Apk

As earlier mentioned, the app packs a lot of features, but some of the renowned features include,

  • Free Premium account.
  • No Ads
  • Unlocked VIP

All these and many more are the features of the Hotstar mod apk.

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How To Download Hotstar Mod Apk Free

To download the app all one needs is internet enabled android device then the following procedures should follow,

  • Before downloading the app, one should ensure that installation from unknown sources be turned on, in the security setting of the device
  • On your device, click here to download the app, or copy the link in then text here and paste on your web browser.
  • Once the above is done, wait for it to download and click on install after installation, you can now enjoy the benefit of Hotstar Mod apk for free.

Thanks for reading.

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