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Why Can’t I Get Facebook Avatar – Since I’ve known Facebook, I’ve never had a feature to keep me this busy. Judging from experience, FB avatar is by far the best feature brought to the app. Avatars are cartoon characters designed by Facebook users. With this feature, you can create a cartoon picture of yourself, friends, or anyone you wish. But even with this feature on the app, some people still find it difficult t access but I’ll be outlining ways you can get it done.

Some users still find it difficult to create their own avatars and the company has received a lot of complaints because avatars are just too impossible to resist. FB avatar has been the most used feature on the platform since it was produced and you can imagine how awful it will be when yours end up not working. Now, we’ll see some reasons why you might be having some issues accessing it.

Reasons Why I Can’t Get Facebook Avatar

Most times people have different reasons why they can’t access the Facebook avatar feature. Yes, that true but having ideas of what might be causing it aren’t enough, I believe you have to know. To begin with, one of the major reasons for not having this feature is because it’s not available where you are. When the avatar feature was released, it was only made available in places like the US, the UK, Canada, Africa, India, Australia, Europe, and New Zealand.

Why Can't I Get Facebook Avatar?

Although you can have the avatar feature in your country and still not have access to it. This is because your Facebook app isn’t updated yet. Not having your Facebook app up to date can limit you from having the latest features the platform has to offer. It is advisable to update your app every now and then to prevent things like this from happening.

How To Resolve Your Facebook Avatar Issue

Follow these simple steps to update your Facebook app:

  • Open your Apple Store or Play Store.
  • Go to where your apps are located and search for Facebook.
  • Click on “update”.
  • The moment it’s done updating, go to your Facebook and check for the Avatar feature.

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