5 Ways to Save Money When Shipping Your Car

When you find that you must relocate some distance, sometimes driving your vehicle to your new home simply is not practical. In that case, shipping your car becomes a viable option. However, after computing all the other expenses accompanying your move, affordably transporting your vehicle omes an essential part of moving.

There are several ways to save money when shipping your car if you are savvy enough to do a bit of research into how to do it.  However, it is essential to remember that you often get what you pay for in a case such as this, so if the deal sounds too good to be true, it just might be.

Ways to Save Money When Shipping Your Car

Flexible Is the Way to Be

Much like buying an airplane ticket, if you wait until the absolute last minute or are bound to a definite time frame during peak seasons, you are likely to pay more than average for trips during off-peak times. 

If you are flexible about your vehicle’s pickup and drop-off dates, you are apt to spend less than if you accept their first available date.  It is also a viable option to ask about the different prices charged on other dates.  This could be an excellent way to save money on your venture. 

Ship Your Vehicle Via Train

Shipping your car by train is often the most cost-effective option of transporting it to its new destination.  The biggest drawback of this option is that it usually takes much longer than some other available choices.  Often train companies will not deliver a load of vehicles until all of the spots are filled.  This can put your car a week or two behind your arrival time. 

Opt for an Open Carrier

Closed car carriers are more expensive than their open counterparts.  Obviously, the closed-in option offers more protection for the body of your vehicle. Your car will not be subjected to stray debris, possibly damaging it as it can in an open carrier. 

Additionally, if you are transporting a “show car,” and you want to make sure that the car body won’t be taking on some road dirt, then saving money this way may not be for you.  However, most people are okay with simply washing their car if it gets dirty during the trip.  The car wash will cost considerably less than transporting your vehicle in a boxed carrier.

Call Around and Don’t Be Shy

As with virtually all businesses, companies that transport vehicles do not have a set price for all markets across the board.  Some companies will be cheaper than others. You can easily discover this by picking up the phone and making some inquiries to local companies about their pricing.

While you’re on the phone, ask if you believe you might be eligible for a discount.  The worst they can say is “no.”  Some companies give discounts for:

●          First responders, such as police, firefighters, and paramedics.

●          Teachers.

●          Vets and active military members.

●          Senior citizens.

●          Loyal customers who have used the service before.

●          Customers who are moving multiple vehicles at a time.

Curbside Service Will Cost You

Most transportation companies are very accommodating.  They are more than happy to pick up your vehicle at your home or office before moving and then do the same once they arrive in your new town.  However, this service will cost quite more than if you simply agreed to meet the transportation company at a designated spot. 

When you multiply the number of vehicles on the mover by the individual homes they would need to deliver to, taking into account that their deliveries are more than likely nowhere near one another’s location, that is a ton of extra money that will be tacked onto the trip’s total.

The Final Word on These 5 Money Saving Options

If you are planning a distant move and driving your vehicle is not in the cards for you, these five tips will surely save you, at the very least, bring in some money.  Do your research into the issue, and the savings could pleasantly surprise you.

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