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Facebook Group Games – You might be wondering on how you can keep your Facebook group members engaged on your Facebook account, you can consider some classic word games for your group. A lot of word game does not even need extension resources, which is why it is the perfect alternative in order to grow your Facebook engagement and reach by involving your audience.

Facebook Group Games – Facebook Group Engagement Games | Fun Facebook Group Games

Just like in other articles, games have the potential of going viral, particularly in the situation whereby your audience is witty. This particular article will list some interesting games for your Facebook group, the lists are given below:

 The Mad Libs

This word game is the perfect choice for all social networks because it is actually very easy for the players to be able to the answers that the users wish to share. Mad Libs creates a story framework for its players and leaves a blank for nouns or verbs that requires the player’s input. You will need to post the first part of the game and allow the users to drop their answers in the comment box. You can actually give out prizes to the people that won the game.

The Hangman Game

This particular game is actually a classic word game that will help to keep your audience engaged. One of the ways to start this game on your Facebook group is to create an ASCII character hangman to be updating the attempts of your audience in winning. Post the game and let people drop their guesses in the comment box

The Boggle Game

To play the Boggle game is very simple. You will need to start with a 3×3 square of irregular letters and then you will have to set up as many words as possible for a specific time limit. The Boggle game is easy to create via your social networking page, as what you need to produce is a picture of the 3×3 grid for your audience to use to work on. Tell them the time limit and come back when it’s time to check for the winner. The person that has the most valid matches will be the winner of the game.

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The Jumble Game

This word game is somehow more complex to create, but it offers a longer running game that you will not be required to monitor. You will set up a word puzzle and leave a hint to the answer to the puzzle. You can also leave an illustration that also gives out the hint to the answer.

Some sets of words are jumbled into anagrams and are required to be solved in order to set up the correct answering phrase. In a situation where your audience is finding it difficult to figure out the puzzle, you can give out additional hints in the comments box or the follow-up status if there is any.

By Playing word games with your audience, you will have a great way to transform your social media content and also engage your followers.

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