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Walmart Pharmacy is one of the numerous services provided by Walmart Incorporated. With decades of service and dedication, Walmart boasts as one of the largest retail companies in the world. Amongst the wide range of retail services provided by Walmart, the Walmart Pharmacy is quite impressive and has become one of the most successful pharmaceutical retail stores in America. Walmart Pharmacy offers online as well as in-store prescription filling and refills. They also offer one of the cheapest prescription programs, and this doesn’t affect the quality and authenticity of the pharmaceutical products which they retail.

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The Walmart Rx Program is a savings program created to give discounts on generic medications. The Rx program offers a 30-day supply of prescription for $4 and $10 for 90 days. Although for Family planning and Sexual health prescription, you get to pay $9 and $24 respectively. The Rx program features almost 100 generic medications which range from $4 to $40, and you don’t require an insurance plan to take advantage of the Walmart Rx program.

Now that you’ve learned about the Rx program, these are the steps to follow to register and create an account online with Walmart Pharmacy.


Firstly, you open the page and click on “Store Finder” at the lower or bottom of the screen, after this you’ll see a box to fill in your zip code, After you fill in your zip code, you proceed to click on “Find”. From the zip code you entered, a list of stores near you will be displayed on the screen.


Among the list of stores displayed, select the store closest to you because that particular store is where you’ll be picking up your prescriptions. While selecting the store, you’ll have to take note of the store number because it will be required to complete the sign up process for your Walmart Pharmacy account.


On the home page, find the “Pharmacy” option and click on it. Afterward, Select the “Create Pharmacy Account Online”. After carefully reading the instructions on how to set up an account, click on “Get Started” and proceed to sign up for your Walmart Pharmacy account. While signing up, you will be required to enter the store number. At this point, carefully enter the store number which you previously chose and complete the process.


Back at the home page, click on “Pharmacy” and then select “Refill Prescription”. After you fill in an answer to the security question on the following page, click on “submit” and wait for the next page to load. On the loaded page, you can now manage your prescriptions.

Walmart isn’t the only online pharmacy retailer but there are quite a lot of advantages or benefits while using Walmart Pharmacy. A few are

  • Walmart Pharmacy offers a lot of discounts
  • They don’t request a member and charge fee
  • You can automate your refills on Walmart Pharmacy
  • Their services are reliable
  • They have a lot of stores spread across different cities so it won’t be difficult to find one close to your location
  • As a response to the Coronavirus outbreak, Walmart has introduced the drive-thru, no-contact curbside pick up and mail to home delivery to reduce the risk of infection.

Finally, Walmart Pharmacy has since its inception catered for the prescription of their customers and adding features to prioritize their medical needs. For those who depend on daily prescriptions, Using Walmart Pharmacy is definitely a great way to save.

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