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PayPal is known as a service that allows you to receive and pay money online, it is also known to be the most popular online payment system.

What You Need to Open a PayPal Account

  1. An email address: Gmail, web-based mail yahoo mail…… and your personal email ID/address in your PayPal account, note: transaction can be made from one PayPal account to another PayPal account through email address that has already being registered.
  2. A bank account: you would need to have a new bank account for your PayPal account or make use of (your father, mother or wife) account but it would be advisable you open yours, because all credentials must be real and matches with your information.
  3. A debit/credit card: visa, master card, discover or American Express, you can has well add credit card or credit letter after opening your PayPal account.
Create PayPal Account to Receive Money – Set Up a PayPal Account to Receive Payments

Steps on How to Create a PayPal Account  

Step 1: Visit PayPal website: its and then click on ‘sign up’ or ‘sign up now’ has shown below:

Step 2: choose to buy with PayPal and click on get started 

There are two type of PayPal account: buy with PayPal. i.e. (personnel/individual) and receive PayPal with PayPal (Business accounts)

Step 3: Enter your personal email address and password then tap on continue button

Step 4: fill in the form completely with your information and click on ‘Agree and create account’ button, note: you should provide real details or information because all credentials need to correspond with your credit and bank details. PayPal would require you to provide driver license, passport number or valid ID card (National ID) when verifying your PayPal account letter on.

Step 5: you would be asked to link your card (debit or credit card)

Step 6: your PayPal account is created, you would be asked to confirm your email account so your account would be activated., you need to tap ‘ yes, this is my email address’’ button to verify your email with PayPal.

Step 7: verify your account by adding your credit and bank account, to do that you will need to login your PayPal account ( your email and password you have used in registering with PayPal) click on ‘wallet’ link on the main menu on PayPal , you would see an options , choose link a bank account and link a card and enter your bank account and credit/debit card details. When your account it linked with your card and bank details, you would receive an email for that (verified).

Note: may be asked to provide a 4-digit code when verifying your card, it depends on your card and bank account, you can also edit/change information of your profile, or even input your security question.

You are done with a PayPal account to send and receive payments.

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