Scan Your Documents Today With Your iPhone: Easy Steps

Scan Your Documents Today With Your iPhone: Easy Steps

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It wasn’t until recently that we had the opportunity to scan documents with our iPhones. It’s a pressing need to always want to save yourself the stress of carrying paperwork around. Before now, we need third party apps to scan documents, index business cards, and so on…

We are saying goodbye to that today because you’re going to learn how to use the Camera app and scan anything with a tap.

Scan Your Documents Today With Your iPhone: Easy Steps

Scan Your Documents With Notes Apps

This is one among other methods you can use for scanning on iPhone. Being able to to do this means you can actually get all you paper works done simultaneously and capture across the Apple devices.

Follow these simple steps:

⦁ First of all, open the Notes app.

⦁ The scanner feature is now available on almost every book today.

⦁ Click the camera icon at the bottom of the screen.

⦁ Tap on Scan Documents option from the menu available.

⦁ Once the camera is set, point it toward what you want to scan.

You also have the ability to brings the highest level of performance of the scan:

⦁ A pop-up menu lets you select from grayscale or black/white for the scan.

⦁ The moment you place the camera on the document, it captures automatically. It that doesn’t work, you can always use the shutter button or the volume buttons to capture it manually.

⦁ Click on Save button at the bottom of the screen when you’re done scanning.

⦁ You can always share it to other app like Google Drive, email, or even WhatsApp.

Scan Documents With the Files App

The file app is only available on iPhone 11 and above. It also comes with a scanning feature.

⦁ Open the Files.

⦁ Select the dot icon on the top-right corner of the screen.

⦁ Next, click on Scan Documents.

⦁ Use your device Camera to focus on the document.

⦁ Tap Done finish the capture.

⦁ The Files app prompts you to save the scan to a folder of your choice.

Scan Documents With Microsoft Lens

Office lens now called Microsoft Lens is one of the best scanning app out there. It’s even better because it comes some extra features that are really useful.

⦁ Open the app and swipe across the screen to select the right capture mode.

⦁ You can choose from Whiteboard, Document, Business Card, or Photo capture mode.

⦁ Direct the camera to what you want to scan.

⦁ Make sure it fits the orange bounding box frames.

⦁ Tap the round Camera button at the center of the screen. Select Confirm to capture the image as a scan.

Like I said earlier, there are tools available to make you document look better. You can add a new image to your scan, apply a Filter to the image, Crop, Rotate, or Delete the image.

Extra: Scan QR Codes With the iPhone Camera

Every now and then we have to scan using this method. It’s mainly used as a shortcut when you don’t want to type in a long URL to shop for something.

⦁ Open the iOS camera.

⦁ Select the rear camera.

⦁ Point the viewfinder in the Camera app on the entire QR code.

⦁ Once your iPhone recognizes the QR code you’ll get a notification. Click on it to open.

With the knowledge you have now I believe there’s no need for third party apps as the iPhone can handle all you scanning easily.

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