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The Pregnancy Test

The pregnancy test is a test usually done by women, to ascertain the validity of them being pregnant. This test checks for the any sign of ‘hCG’ in the blood or urine of the test candidate. The ‘hCG’, Human Chorionic Gonadotropin, is a hormone that is produced in cells of the fertilized egg in the system of the woman in question. The pregnancy test is the use of certain methods to check for the existence of the ‘hCG’ in the blood or urine of the woman.

Pregnancy TestPregnancy TestThis method of checking for ‘hCG’ in the blood or urine was first discovered in the 1930s. There are other forms of pregnancy tests that do not involve the checking for ‘hCG’ like, Obstetric ultrasonography and the checking for ‘EPF’ Early Pregnancy Factor, which can be present in the system, as early as, 2 days after an egg is fertilized. This method is very accurate but quite rigorous and expensive to successfully conduct. So, the method of searching for the presence of ‘hCG’ is currently the most efficient for all.

How Does The Pregnancy Test Work?

Its actually pretty easy, unlike the ancient times when pregnancy tests took a whole lot of hassle. Pregnancy tests in our current world requires basically the purchase of the pregnancy test stick and effective usage. The pregnancy test stick is very easy to get and is equally cheap as well. It can be gotten in local pharmacies, supermarkets and hospitals around you. Even though they are sold and purchased in mass, doesn’t mean that they are less effective. The pregnancy test stick works just as accurately as normal tests done in hospitals, if used correctly. To use the test stick, you basically have to;

  • pee on it, and
  • then wait for a few minutes before it gives you the results.
  • When reading the results of the test, keep in mind that the appearance of one straight line signifies positive while no line signifies negative.
  • while in some others, two lines may signify positive while one line signifies negative, it all depends on the brand. Also remember to check expiration dates, as expired pregnancy test sticks may give false negative or positive results.

When Can I Use The Pregnancy Test?

Pregnancy tests may not be 100% accurate when they are done too early, basically because it takes a while for an egg in the uterus to be fertilized, even after unprotected sexual intercourse, because sometimes sperm can sit in the fallopian tubes for more than four days before it fertilizes an egg. It is therefore advisable to wait till after you miss your period before taking the test. You can also take the test during time of your ovulation as the test is more accurate during  that time.  But if you have irregular mensuration, then wait at most three weeks from after you suspected you were pregnant to take the test. But the normal time limit for checking if you’re pregnant is 6-12 days after unprotected sex and right after a missed period.

If you are positive that you are pregnant, it is advisable you visit your doctor for further instructions. And also for further tests to check how long the baby has been, for ultrasounds, dietary implications, family planning etc. Or you can visit family planning clinics around you too, to know and understand what pregnancy and parenthood fully entails

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