Sat. Sep 26th, 2020

Pinterest employees are planning a walkout following the discrimination allegations by several former employees. In a medium post, former COO Francoise Brougher claimed she was fired over gender discrimination issues and has filed a lawsuit against the company. But that was after two female Pinterest employees quit immediately after posting that they were underpaid and faced racist comments and retaliation from the manager.

Brougher wrote that decisions at the company were most times made by her, in the “meeting after the meeting” held by CEO Ben Silbermann and several close lieutenants. She also found out that she had a less favorable equity package than male employees in the same positions. After a hectic conversation with the company’s CFO, she was told she wasn’t collaborating with the company and was fired. “Two days later, he called to ask that I tell my team that leaving Pinterest was my decision… I was not going to lie to my team and did not sign the NDA presented to me,” Brougher wrote.

Pinterest Workers Are Building A workout After Discrimination Allegation

In July, ex-Pinterest public policy officials Ifeoma Ozoma and Aerica Shimizu Banks quit the company. Banks lied she was told lies during the negotiation about “leveling, pay, and promotion,” and that her manager made awful remarks about her ethnicity.

Ozona tweeted that she faced similar pay discrimination, was was “doxxed by a white male colleague” and received a “dangerously inadequate” response from Pinterest over the doxxing. “Now, Pinterest is claiming to be ‘listening and acting,’ mere weeks after replacing me and another Black woman colleague who also decided to leave, with…you guessed it,” she said.

This situation is not unlike the discrimination issues Uber faced back in 2017 after complaints by engineer Susan Fowler. This time at Pinterest, however, multiple employees have come together to raise the issue. “We want systemic change so that we can remain proud of where we work,” according to the petition.

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