PayPal And Venmo QR Payments Are Coming To CVS Pharmacies, Reports Say

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Reports say CVS Pharmacies is able to allow users to perform touch-free payments with the use of their PayPal or Venmo accounts as they get to use PayPal’s QR code payment system. With the development of this system which will soon be introduced, shoppers can securely pay for items they purchase without signing a receipt nor touching a keypad, says PayPal.

PayPal And Venmo QR Payments Are Coming To CVS Pharmacies

Making payments when you go shopping has never been made easier. After purchasing an item, all you need do to make payment is; use the PayPal or Venmo app to scan QR codes found at CVS checkouts. At the checkout, you will be required to enter amount due and then, press “Send”. A payment confirmation will be generated by the system. The cashier will also confirm your payment.

Before now, QR code payments were being offered by PayPal and Venmo, just that it hadn’t been taken to a greater level until now. PayPal in a report said it would waive seller transaction fees for small and medium-sized businesses through September 30th due to the COVID-19 crisis. At the moment, PayPal is teaming up with a third-party payment company, InComm to achieve its goal.

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