Microsoft's Family Safety App Is Open For Use

Microsoft’s Family Safety App Is Open For Use

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Recently, it should not come as a shock that children spending more time on their devices during this COVID-19 pandemic. But you do not know they if they are weighing the right balance between remote learning and social media. I am proud to tell you that is where Microsoft’s latest Family Safety app comes in.

The Family Safety app can also be set up so you receive an email whenever they want to buy purchase an item through the Microsoft Store, and set up different web and search filters in the (now Chromium-based) Edge browser. If you want to keep track of whatever your kids are up to on their devices, the app can be set to send a weekly activity report email that explains their screen time by device and application.

Microsoft's Family Safety App Is Open For Use

The idea behind this is to give you know when issues arise and start a conversation with your loved ones. The apps also help in location tracking so that you can quickly see where all of your family members are in the real world. Later on, Microsoft 365 Family subscribers will also get notifications when a family member enters or leave a specific location. The premium plan will offer some kind of ‘drive safety’ habit tracking too, commencing in the US, Canada, Australia, and the UK.

None of the tools are particularly groundbreaking, and they are so useless if your family spends most of their leisure time on Macs, iPad, and iPhones. Paraventour every member is invested in the Microsoft ecosystem, this could be a decent dashboard or the first port of call if nothing else for ensuring they are living a healthy life both online and in real life.
You can use the app to set specific time limits for Andriod, Windows, and Xbox applications, including video games. If any of your Kids want their time extended, you can simply extend their free time by 15 or 30 minutes, or for even 1, 2, even 3 hours.

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