Mon. Sep 28th, 2020

When the National Basketball Association (NBA) restarts its season on July 30th, it will be using Microsoft Teams to rebuild the atmosphere of a full arena without any fans’ physical appearance. As part of its ongoing deal with Microsoft, the league plans to make use of the software’s present;y released Together Mode to put more than 250 fans in a place.

The feature uses AI to copy your face and shoulders and put you in a shared digital space with others. NBA is the first league to make use of a video conference app to test its best to create the presence of the full arena in the era of coronavirus. Some leagues have even more creative ways to display a game without spectators.

Microsoft Teams Will Be Used To Seat Fans Courtside By The NBA

National Basketball Association (NBA) will provide each arena with a 17- foot tall LED screen that surrounds the court. The screen will allow players to see and hear the people who are watching them via Teams. Although, fans can watch the game live directly within the app, with a view of everyone else spectating.

The company will make it even possible to record matches so that those streaming through mobile devices and on their TV will see both the players and those attending through Teams. The company’s Surface tablets famously gained notoriety in 2016 when New England Patriots coach Bill Belichick smashed his device during a game against the Buffalo Bills.

Belichick said “I’m done with tablets” when he was asked about the incident. “I just can’t take it anymore”. For their part, some NBA fans will likely just be pleased t see their favorite players return to the court, even if it means the game look and sound a bit different.

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