Marshall Emberton Speaker Review: Is the Marshall Emberton Worth Buying?

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What makes a good party alongside outings with friends, beach cruises, and hanging out, worth the moment? Well if you asked me I would say a good carry-along speaker with solidified bass flaming out of the speakers with long-lasting battery life. Don’t get thrilled because this is what the Marshall Emberton speaker offers without any compromise.

Marshall Emberton is a durable and carry along with Bluetooth speaker which produces large and loud sounds which makes your moments feel “bossy”, so the big question I guess would be, is the new Marshall Emberton Bluetooth speaker any good and better than formal, or should you do away with it?

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Is the New Marshall Emberton for Me?

  • This would definitely be for you if you are a fan of beach parties. If you are also the person that loves relaxing close to water, then this might be worth looking into. The new Marshall has a great and relieving sound to make you feel in live in the music or sounds bumping out from the well-built speakers.
  • If you are also a fan of the Marshall series, then this is for you and worth giving a try to top up your taste and make it well utilized for it price.  

One thing I love looking into before purchasing a Bluetooth speaker is to see how well the speakers get connected with my phone, which takes us to this next heading.

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Well Does Marshall Emberton Stay Connected With Devices?

To quantify this, the Emberton is rocking Bluetooth 5.0, which unfortunately doesn’t have higher quality Bluetooth codec compatibility. This means that it sets defaults to standard SBC shared by all devices which is a little washout for me because it would have been better to see either Aptx or AAC. It’s not really a big issue because I haven’t encountered any failure in lip-syncing while watching videos.

The Bluetooth ranges up to 10 meters which I feel should be more but notwithstanding Marshall Emberton is of good and quality sound as promised by the creators.

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Controls and playback

Unlike the Marshall headset which couldn’t give me easy access to controlling my music right on the go, I would always have to struggle or even use my mobile device most time to change songs, but Marshall Emberton is better in the sense that the knobs are this time far larger than the one on the headphone and makes it easier for me to navigate my way to changing those songs that aren’t for the moment, I know you understand what I mean.

How to pair the Marshall Speaker

You would solely agree with me that pairing the Emberton speaker is frankly straightforward just the same way you would pair a random Bluetooth device to your phone. First, you would need to power on the speaker so your mobile device can find it but if for instance, your mobile device can’t find the speaker, make sure the mode of the speaker is really on Bluetooth and also refresh your phone Bluetooth list.

To enter pairing mode on the speaker make sure to press the Bluetooth to the left of the gold knob and surely after this your device would be paired with the speaker.

Microphone Enabled?

Having a Bluetooth speaker that has an inbuilt microphone is really helpful in situations where you can’t easily reach your mobile device may be because you’re at the beach or in the swimming pool having fun with peers. But unfortunately, the Emberton doesn’t have a microphone which some might not find vital.

How long does the battery last?

This is one key reason why I love the Marshall Emberton speaker. After a full charge, the battery lasts for approximately 20 hours according to the specs, I guess they really did well in this aspect which is super impressive if I must say.

At a rear glance at the speaker, you would definitely tell why it has long-lasting battery life. The speaker uses a USB-C for charging.

Is the Marshall Emberton worth buying?

With no doubt, the speaker is preferred to many others. If you are on the look for a portable Bluetooth speaker that is budget-wise and offers great quality sound for the summer, then Marshall Emberton definitely would buster crack your imaginations. That said, I would love to go for a speaker that does look, feels portable, and doesn’t look like I carried a boxed sound ready to play for a gig with my guitar.

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