How to Close Open Apps on iPhone 13

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Older iPhone models with the home button ( iPhone 8, iPhone 7, and more ) are easy to operate. The home button overrides most operations on such phones, and it is easy to see a checklist of the running apps by pressing the home button twice.

Recent models of iPhones like the iPhone 13 do not have the home button; therefore the mode of operation of such devices is quite different. Sometimes users find their apps or phones behaving strangely, and this issue can be resolved by closing the opened apps on this device.

Individuals who have upgraded to iPhone 13 and find it challenging to close open apps can use this article as a quick guide.

How to Close Open Apps on iPhone 13

How Do I Check which apps are opened on my iPhone 13?

Like every other iPhone, apps also run in the background of the iPhone 13. Checking the apps running in the background is essential as it helps users be selective about which app to close and which app to leave running.

To check apps running in the background of iPhone 13, users should follow the steps below:

  1. Swipe up from the bottom of the screen from either the home screen or any screen that you might be on.
  1. Remember, you need to swipe up to 10% of the screen.
  1. The screen you are on will get a little bit smaller. Do not worry; this helps you see all the opened apps on your device.
  1. The app’s name and its icons are shown in the top left corner of the device.
  1. Swipe side to side to check this app and click on any one you wish to perform an action on your device.

Does Closing Apps Decrease My  iPhone 13 Memory and battery Life?

Closing apps do not reduce your memory in iPhone 13 except for unique apps that have been designed to run in the background, like the music app and map apps.

Just like the situation for your memory, only apps that run in the background can decrease your battery life; other apps don’t count. so if you do not have any app that runs in the background, do well not worry about closing open apps.

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How to Close Open Apps on iPhone 13

Closing open apps on Iphone 13 is the same as it was in the preceding model of the iPhone, and it’s pretty easy.

Here are the steps to follow in order to close apps on iPhone 13

  1. Apple iPhone 13 users do not need to go back to the home screen. Just swipe up from any screen or any app you are currently on.
  1. Remember you need to swipe from 10 to 15%, and you do not need to swipe full.
  1. The open apps pop up on your side by side with their names and icons on the top left-hand side of the slide.
  1. Swipe  to the slide of the app you desire to close.
  1. As with older versions of iPhone, swipe the slide of the app you wish to close up and off your screen and then let go.
  1. This swipe must be more than 75% of the screen if they are to be closed; alternatively, the user might swipe and flip-up fast.
  1. Your desired app is now closed, and you go on and do this for all the other apps you choose to close.
  • Apple iPhone 13 users should note that there is no option to close all apps at once, so if they desire to complete all their apps, they need to carry out the steps for each app that is opened on their device. When all apps are closed, the iPhone 13 automatically returns to the home screen.

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