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Many people dream of the future in Australia. If you want to live and work in Australia permanently, you need a visa. The Department of Tourism includes not only a permanent visa but also a temporary residence visa in Australia. Click on the link below:



Skilled Migrant Visa

This section is designed to employ the most talented people who can contribute to the Australian economy. This category includes not only these workers but also (small) independent contractors with an annual turnover of less than AUD 500,000 and capital of AUD 800,000.

To apply for a visa at a qualified foreign department, you must meet certain conditions. You must first prove that you have done the job listed on the Australian Job List. You must demonstrate that your experience and education are in line with the requirements for this job. In addition, the following requirements apply:

  • You are over 18 but under 45
  • Your knowledge of English meets the requirements
  • You get the full score in the score testing program
  • Finally, you are fine and have no criminal record

Experienced foreigners are divided into separate visas, all of which have their requirements.

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Types of Visas in Australia

Independent Visa Qualification

If your work is on a so-called “long-term plan” and you meet the conditions below, you may be eligible for a visa within this class. This to-do list includes activities identified as missing in the Australian labor market. This visa allows you to live and work permanently in Australia. In addition, you are not affiliated with a designated area (State / Territory) or your employer.

Skilled Visa

This visa is available to people with jobs listed on the “Long-Term and Long-Term Skills List”. To take the Australian background test (age, maturity, proficiency, and knowledge of the English language), you must take a grade. You can get more interesting things from the “state elections”.

In addition, a relative may support you in first class. Second, this visa is available to employers on the “Short-Term Job List”. This includes work where there is a shortage in certain areas. In this case, state elections are legal. Each Australian state works on its to-do list and is ready to apply for a visa and manage its state election requirements.

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