Is Snapchat Holding Its Annual Egg This Year

Is Snapchat Holding Its Annual Egg This Year? When Does The Snapchat Egg Hunt Begin?

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For thousands of years, April is the month of summer and sunshine. But in the case of millenials and anybody who has successfully fallen into social media addiction, April equals the Snapchat Egg Hunt. Snapchat Egg Hunt is a fun event held by the messaging app every year during Easter Sundays that encourages users to track down virtual eggs hidden across famous landmarks around their localities. The event sees millions of people tuning into it each year. But keeping in mind the dynamic lockdown guidelines and the new strains of COVID-19, will Snapchat stay true to its legacy and continue the fun-filled event?

Is Snapchat Holding Its Annual Egg This Year

Will Snapchat Do the Egg Hunt this year?

Though no confirmation has been made yet, Snapchat users are sure that the event will be held this year as well. Last year when the COVID-19 guidelines were even more stringent, Snapchat had managed to modify the game and make users look for eggs in their homes instead of venturing outside like always. Unexpectedly, the Snapchat Easter Eggs hunt was a big success last year. As a result, many people are flooding to the app ahead of Easter Sunday to get ready for the game.

If Snapchat decides to pick up from where it left and return with the trend, users are most likely to be notified about it a day or two before the event actually takes place. This can either mean an in-app notification or an invitation via Twitter. As for when does the Snapchat egg hunt start, more specifically, the duration that it’s targeting, it’s most likely that the event will go on for a week. This is with regards to last year’s event that commenced on April 4 and expired on April 12.

About Snapchat Egg Hunt

Walking on the same path as Pokémon Go, Snapchat Egg Hunt makes their participants look for eggs instead of Pokémon in and around their localities. The better the eggs, the more the score. To enable the game, one must switch on their mobile locations in order to avail of a customized Snap Map. To play the game, the user has to simply flash their phone’s camera in front of them at all times to locate Snapchat Easter eggs around them. Each egg contains varying points, depending on whether or not it’s a special egg.

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