How to Arrange a Meeting in Microsoft Outlook - MOMS' ALL

How to Arrange a Meeting in Microsoft Outlook – MOMS’ ALL

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Setting places and time for meetings can be exhausting. You have to rush every time so you can meet up with each of them. A lot of us still don’t know that Microsoft Outlook is not for email service alone, it can help you schedule meeting with your clients, coworkers or friends.

You can simply adjust the time setting however you like. This article contains a detailed explanation of how to use thi scheduling feature in Outlook.

How to Arrange a Meeting in Microsoft Outlook  - MOMS' ALL

How to Create a New Event in Outlook

⦁ First things first, hover over New Message > select New Event from the dropdown menu, or click the calendar icon and then New Event.

⦁ Here on you can title your event, invite people using mails, pick a date and time, choose a location, and describe your event.

How to Use the Scheduling Assistant in Outlook

⦁ The moment you’re done inviting them people you want, Outlook will suggest a time for your meetings. You can also choose your own time too. To do so, just click on Scheduling Assistant in the topmost horizontal column of tabs.

⦁ You can now see the exact times you and your attendees are available for a meeting. Unavailable times will appear in blue, and the available times will remain blank.

⦁ The blue rectangle selector will appear at a time when all parties are available. Drag that rectangle to a convenient time, and then click Done in the top-left corner of the window.

How to Choose a Meeting Location in Outlook

Outlook will take you back to your event’s details, where the meeting setup is concluded by selecting a location.

If your team is in-office, you can select a meeting room by clicking on Add a location > Browse more rooms.

Rooms is directly under the the Room Finder right column. After you select a location, your meeting is all set up! Simply click Send, and you will email your invitees a notification of your meeting, from where they can either accept or decline.

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