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Ever wondered how you could record and track how much you smoke? iQOS app is the app to download to track how much you smoke.

With technology becoming better every day, health matters are one in which no one has to joke with.

We all know that smoking is bad for one’s health that is why measures are and can be taken to avoid health challenges for those who smoke or want to stop.

The first step in watching the health of one who smokes or one who wants to stop smoking is by tracking the rate of smoking.

iQOS App Download

This is only possible with the help and the use of iQOS device which has an app for download.

With the launch of the iQOS device, which is an electronic device that is used as an easy an enjoyable way to take in tobacco, this device consists of a heating chamber, that brings out the best in tobacco in terms of flavor.

This device is said to bring out the best in cigarette and tobacco, as it optimizes everything that comes thereof.

As for the iQOS app which is available for iQOS device users to download, one can easily track the amount of cigarette smoked in a day and also have some historical analysis of daily smoking rate.

With this, smoking health is managed, and smokers can easy watch their rate of tobacco intake.

It is of good note that the iQOS device uses Bluetooth connectivity to achieve connection between itself and a mobile device.

The most basic features users are to experience when they download the iQOS app are,

  • Daily smoking record
  • Device management and set up
  • Smoking history and analysis

All these are geared towards maximizing one’s smoking experience and managing tobacco intake.

iQOS Download

The iQOS app is available only for Android devices on the Google play store, the steps below give details on how the app can be downloaded.

  • On the android device, open the Google Play Store application
  • On the search tab in the Play Store, type, Sticks Today
  • From the available results select, Sticks Today – Connect your iQOS
  • Once selected, click on install and the download and installation process will begin
  • When the installation process is complete, one can enjoy one’s smoking experience while keeping track of one’s intake


Simply Click Here to download the iQOS app for Android devices

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