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How to Install WordPress Plugins 2020

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Plugins are known to be among one of the key things that add to making WordPress amazing, and you assuredly should not stay off new plugins.

But you need to know that before you can be able to enjoy the benefits that come with plugins, you will first have to install it. But if you don’t know how to install a WordPress plugin, we will show you how to do so in this article.

Install WordPress Plugins

How You Can Install WordPress Plugins

You should have it in mind that the free WordPress plugin is slightly different from that of a premium plugin. We will look at how you can install both the free and premium plugins.

Here are steps on how to install free WordPress plugins.

· You first navigate to “Plugins” from your WordPress dashboard

You will have to go to your admin panel and then tap on “Plugins” from the sidebar option.

· Tap on “Add New”

You will be able to locate the “Add New” tab close to the top of the page on your screen.

  • Locating your plugin through search

After you have done that, the next page that will display on screen will show you a list of recommended plugins, and also a search bar at the right.

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Type in the name of the plugin that you wish to install in the search bar.

· Installing the plugin

When you have finally seen the plugin that you want to install on the list, you just tap on the “Install Now” button. Once you tab on the button, WordPress is will get the plugin for you and it will be installed on your site.

  • Activating the plugin

This is the final step. After the installation is completed, you have to tap on the “Activate Plugin” link that will appear on your screen in order to activate in your site.

That’s it! The plugin has been successfully installed and activated. WordPress will send you a notification on this by sending a short note at the top of the page.

How You Can Install A Premium WordPress Plugin

Here are guidelines on how you can install the premium WordPress plugins:

· The first thing you have to do is to get the plugin archive.

· Then you navigate to “Plugins” from your WordPress dashboard.

When you get your ZIP file, you head back to your WordPress wp-admin panel and tap on “Plugins” from the sidebar menu, and then click on the “Add New” button:

  • After you have done that, you then upload your plugin archive.
  • Then you install the plugin you want to install.
  • After it’s done installing, you activate the installed plugin.

Once you activate the plugin, you can start making use of it.

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