How to Write a 3 Page Essay Fast

How to Write a 3 Page Essay Fast

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Writing an essay can be an upheaval task, one that requires appropriate skills and expertise in the subject. If you are wondering how to work on an essay fast, then you have landed on the right page. Check out these useful tips in writing a paper quickly.

How to Write a 3 Page Essay Fast

Before Sitting Down To Write

It only requires a matter of hours to complete acollege essay fast. However, you must free your mind from distractions. You can’t concentrate on your writing task if your mind is bogged down with different thoughts and other work. Make sure you don’t have anything to complete or finish urgently when planning to write an essay. One of the best ways to start writing an essay is described in the following tips:

Keep Your Focus

Don’t deviate from the topic you plan to present. Learn to keep the focus and work on the essay with a clear mind. There are two essential things you must do before working on your college essay. First, you must complete all other urgent tasks and sit with a clear, focused mind that you need to complete the task within the stipulated deadline. If you have trouble keeping the focus, then find out which is the best time of the day when you will be free of all other responsibilities. For some people, night time is the freest time they get, so you can freely sit and work on your essay with a clear focus. You must also figure out how much time would be required to complete your essay. If you want to write an essay in 1 hour, take a look at the following tips.

Think About Your Idea

Brainstorm your ideas before working on the essay. This way, you can deliver the essay on time and also execute all the ideas into the essay. You don’t want to miss out on any critical details. Therefore, make sure to first go through the topic and prepare all the ideas regarding the topic. Work on how you will begin, what you will write in the middle paragraphs, and what point you will make in conclusion. Once you have all the ideas brainstormed, start working on the idea point-wise. It is essential to be relaxed when brainstorming for your essay. Also, one tip is to jot down the headings. This way, you know how the essay will progress.

Make an Outline

Another quick tip for writing athree page essay fast is to make a rough outline. Once you have brainstormed the idea, then work on the outline. Jot down the essential points you want to write in the essay. You won’t deviate from the main essay when you sit down to write. Just lying on the bed, you can create your essay’s framework without fretting about how you will compose the essay.

Carry Out The Research

A lot of time is spent doing your research. Ask your teacher as many questions as you can. If the essay you are about to write doesn’t need citations from a research paper, don’t bother yourself looking in the journals. Keep it simple. Ask your friends and teacher so that you know the topic well. Then go through different sites that help you build the context for your essay. The more you do your research and the more you read, the better your essay would be. If you are a student and have trouble with your college assignments, you can use Edu Jungles.

How to Write a 3 Page Essay Fast

The Writing Process

To write a good paper quickly, you must write the introduction, body, and conclusion. Work methodically to achieve desired results in a short time. Sit down to write. First, develop a clear heading and title that is relevant to the topic. The title should reflect what the essay will be about. Your introduction should have a problem statement. The essay’s body should have all the paragraphs that cover all the essential points. If you have a three-page essay, then around 5-6 supporting paragraphs would be an excellent way to complete the essay. The conclusion should sum up the entire essay and summarize all the findings to make your point. It is essential to finish your essay with a punch so that the examiner is clear about assessing your essay based on the conclusion you present. The introduction and conclusion must be concise and convey the essence of the entire essay.

Post-Writing Tips

This is perhaps the most critical aspect of writing an essay quickly. You can’t present an article that is full of errors. Remember to carefully go through the essay, once you have finished writing. Read the essay out loud to find out all the mistakes.


Edit the essay and tweak it a bit. You can also run the essay on editing software to help identify the errors. You may take the help of an elder sibling or your parent to correct the mistakes for you. While editing, remember to follow and check the coherence of the essay closely. It should work well with your idea, and also, there should be relevance with all the connecting paragraphs. None of the supporting paragraphs should look isolated. There should be a natural flow in the article so that when the examiner reads it, he can give good grades. Grammar, punctuation, and spelling errors should be well-taken care of. Also, check for any typo errors. To learn more about it.


Note down the corrections when you read your essay out loud. Take careful note of the errors you find. Work on the typo errors and make sure there is none in your essay. You don’t want to lose marks based on a few stupid typo errors you can easily avoid. Once you have laboriously copied and edited your written task, it would be a bit shorter than the one you wrote in the first place. Therefore, it is recommended to write an excellent lengthy essay and keep room for improvement in the end. If you edit a lot and there is no room to make changes in the end, then you will be left with a poorly written chopped up essay that you can’t present to your teacher.


Make sure there is the right formatting in your essay. If the examiner has asked you to follow a particular format, then stick to it. Generally, it is a 12 point size, Times New Roman, which is a standard format. Stick to it and make sure you have followed it throughout your essay.

So, this was a comprehensive overview of how to write an essay fast. Make sure to follow these tips to the end. Still, if you are not confident to cobble together an essay when it is due in the next three hours, feel free to consult some reliable essay writing service providers for a timely rescue.

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