How to Set Up Alexa Greeting People At Your Door - MOMS' ALL

How to Set Up Alexa Greeting People At Your Door – MOMS’ ALL

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Amazon Alexa is one of the best home assistant you can find. With all the updates available already, the company is still harnessing Alexa to help make it easy to interact with. Lets dive right into this article.

I believe we all have been in situation where we were in theh middle of somthing important and you suddenly here your doorbell ring. Isn’t it nice that someone can now answer it for you.

Today Amazon has given us somthing extraordinary. Amazon has recently rolled out Alexa Greetings for its Ring cameras and doorbells. Alexa Greetings is just one part of three new Smart Responses that Amazon has included in a recent Ring software update.

The newly embedded responses are menat to save you from the hassle of getting to the door. Here’s all about Alexa Greetings.

What Are Smart Responses?

Smart Responses are three new software-based features for the Ring app for iOS and Android. These responses were developed to assist users Ring devices answer the door. The first features is Alexa Greetings, which lets Ring and Alexa greet visitors.

Next is Quick Replies, which can play pre-recorded alerts. Both Alexa Greetings and Quick Replies can also record messages for you. Last on the list is Motion Warnings which audibly alerts visitors they are being monitored whenever your Ring device detects motion.

What’s Do You Need for Smart Responses?

How to Set Up Alexa Greeting People At Your Door - MOMS' ALL

For Alexa Greetings, all that’s required is Ring Video Pro Doorbell, a Ring Protect subscription, and the Ring app.

For Quick Replies, you’ll need a newer model Ring Video Doorbell, and of course, the Ring app.

For Motion Warnings, the following devices are supported: The Ring Video Doorbell Pro, the Ring Video Doorbell Elite, the Ring Spotlight Cam (wired/mount), Floodlight Cam, and Stick Up Cam Elite.

How to Set up Alexa Greetings

After downloading the Ring app, click on it to open. Next click on the Hamburger menu icon in the upper left-hand corner of the app. Tap on Devices, select the Doorbell you’d like to set up and tap on Smart Responses. Then tap Alexa Greetings and then Continue. Finally, tap Enable Feature to turn on Alexa Greetings.

Once activated, you can choose the amount of time Alexa should wait to answer the door. Alexa Greetings also allows the recording of messages when someone rings your doorbell. These messages are available inside of the Ring app.

How to Set up Quick Replies

To get started with Quick Replies, open the Ring app, and tap the three lines on the top left. Then tap Devices. Select the doorbell you’d like to set up, and then tap Smart Responses followed by Quick Replies. You should see a blue Enable Autoreply button on the screen. Tap it, and set one five-second default message. Unfortunately, custom Quick Replies are not supported at this time.

Once you’ve selected your reply, set your delay time anywhere from Right Away up to 20 Seconds. Finally, tap Got It! to finish configuring this feature. Now, whenever someone presses your doorbell, Alexa will deliver your selected pre-recorded message, and the visitor can leave a message in response.

How to Set up Motion Warnings

This is one of the best home security services you can get. Motion warnings goes “Warning! You are being monitored and recorded by Ring” whenever it detects motion.

The best part of this feature is that you can set custom motion zones in the Ring app to only monitor specific areas. That way you don’t have to worry about false alarms.

To set up Motion Warnings, open the Ring app, and navigate to your device dashboard. From there, you should see a Motion Message toggle. Slide the toggle to the right until it turns blue. Congratulations, Motion Warnings is now active. If you’d like to customize this feature, tap on the Motion Settings tile and follow the prompts to set custom motion zones.

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