How to Make Use Of Stage Channels on Discord

How to Make Use Of Stage Channels on Discord – MOMS’ ALL

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It seems everyone now is developing features exactly Clubhouse-like. Right now Discord is building theirs called ‘Stage Channels’ to let users create and join live audio rooms. The company has officially declared launched, and it is live on Windows 10, macOS, Linux, iOS, Android, and the web app.

How to Make Use Of Stage Channels on Discord

Here’s how to create and use Stage Channels on Discord.

Use Stage Channels on Discord

It’s important to know that this feature is only available on community. Hence, we’ll teach you how to convert your current server to a community server.

What is a Discord Community Server?

These are servers created to cater for a whole community. Unlike the standard server, it has powerful moderationn tools and insights. Nonetheless, there are changes required to convert your present server to community server.

Enable Community Server

⦁ Click on your server’s name at the top left corner and click Server settings.

⦁ Head to the Enable Community section beneath the Community tab present in the left sidebar. If you’re there already, click on Get Started.

⦁ Read through the community server page setup and click on Finish Setup when you’re through with it.

Create Stage Channel on Discord

⦁ With the community server on Discord activated, you can now create a stage channel. All you have to do is click on + icon in the voice channel.

⦁ Select Stage Channel as the channel type and add the name of the channel in the ‘Channel Name’ text box.

⦁ To proceed, click on Next.

⦁ You can then choose to add stage moderators.

⦁ The moment you create a Stage Channel, Discord will suggest you set the topic of discussion. Enter any topic name of your choice and click on Open the Stage.

Using Stage Channel on Discord

⦁ When there’s a functioning stage channel, server members will see a choice to rapidly join the sound room from the left sidebar. Individuals can likewise tap on the stage channel under the voice channel area to be essential for the conversation.

⦁ In case you’re an audience, you can ‘Request to Speak’ by tapping on the hand raise button at the lower part of the Stage Channel see on Discord.

⦁ Stage moderators will then receive a speak request notification and can choose to invite you to the stage.

⦁ If you’re a stage moderator and want to remove a member from the stage channel, you can right-click on their name and choose ‘Disconnect from Stage.’

⦁ 7. You can exit the stage channel on Discord at any time using the ‘Exit Quietly’ button.

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