How to Locate Recently Viewed Ads on Facebook and Instagram 2021

How to Locate Recently Viewed Ads on Facebook and Instagram 2021

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Facebook and Instagram are not, at this point simply online media stages. They have transformed into a commercial center, a center point for watching recordings very much like YouTube, an assistance for game web based, and more throughout the long term. Among this, the advertisement network is the thing that ties the entirety of Facebook’s administrations into one overlap. As indicated by a report, Facebook produces over 98% of its absolute income from advertisements. It gives a look at how boundless its promotion network is and how much information it gathers for customized advertisement focusing on. In any case, if Facebook figured out how to grab your eye with its promotion suggestions and you need to discover an advertisement that you as of late saw on Instagram or Facebook, at that point follow our guide underneath. In this article, we reveal to you where to discover all your as of late saw promotions on Instagram and Facebook.

How to Locate Recently Viewed Ads on Facebook and Instagram 2021

Find Recently Viewed Ads on Instagram and Facebook

Here how to check for ads on Facebook and Instagram:

Find Recently Viewed Ads on Instagram

⦁ To begin with, install the Instagram app on your smartphone.

⦁ Next, open your profile and click on the hamburger menu icon. Then navigate to Settings.

⦁ In the provided options, tap on “Ads” and select the “Ad Activity” option.

⦁ Here, you’ll see all the recent displayed ads on Instagram.

However, Instagram only keeps record of ads that you have interacterd with on the platofmr .

Find Recently Viewed Ads on Facebook

⦁ Once you’re signed in to your Facebook app, open the hamburger menu fomr the top navigation bar.

⦁ Then you click on the “Recent Ad Activity” option.

⦁ If the option is not available for you there then you can click See More to reveal some hidden options.

⦁ You can find all the ads you recently viewed on Facebook. Mind you, it only gives information about the advertiser and not the exact ad. If you are on a desktop, click on this link to see your recent ad activity on Facebook.

⦁ And in case you are using Facebook on a mobile browser, then open the hamburger menu and scroll down. Here, tap on Settings.

⦁ Scroll down and open “Ad preferences”. Next, tap on “Advertisers whose ads you have clicked” to see ads you recently saw in your feed.

Discover Old Ads on Instagram and Facebook

Now you know how to find old Ads on Instagram and Facebook. We all know how powerful Facebook is, as a company, when it comes to ad targeting. If you have any questions, comment down below and let us know. We will surely try to help you out.

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